The day after Ferguson announcement of no indictment: local and national response — plus astrology

Ferguson National Response Network lists planned responses around the country to the prosecutor’s announcement last night that the Grand Jury would not indict Darren Wilson for Michael Brown’s shooting. Click on each place for more details. And add your own city or town to the list.

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Ferguson National Response Network

I tried, and failed to discover just when the prosecutor read his mealy-mouthed statement announcing no charges would be filed. I used the time of 9:10 p.m., since that’s soon after when they announced the announcement would be made.

Note, below, you will find a corrected chart with slightly different and fuller interpretation than the earlier one. Thanks to Reader Bill (see comment below) I have adjusted the time — and thus the chart — twice now, ending at 8:17 p.m., which is his best bet after considerable sleuthing!

What’s striking about all the different time possibilities is how each one adjusts the spotlight to make the reading even more intense! This latest version, and I shall rest here, brings warlike Mars to front and center, landing it within 2° of the Descendant, and thus “angular,” likely to act out in the world. And remember, Mars works with Eris and Jupiter (see below) in that “triangle of continuous growth.”

Screenshot 2014-11-26 12.04.46


Explosive, unpredictable Uranus, at 12° of fiery Aries, is highest in the chart, within four degree of the 8° Aries Midheaven, and of course, squaring primal, death/rebirth, plutocratic Pluto at 12° Capricorn quite closely. Uranus will transit Rx until December 15-16, when it exactly squares Pluto for the sixth time out of seven exact squares during these years: 2012-2015. On December 21, it will then turn to go direct on the Winter Solstice, December 21. Given Pluto’s current speed, the two planets will be within one degree of exact tense square between December and mid-April, 2015. Hold on to your hats!

Joining Uranus near the Midheaven is newly discovered planet (or planetoid?) Eris, whose name means “Goddess of Strife and Discord” and is positioned at 22° Aries exactly squaring pugnacious Mars at 22° Capricorn and exactly trining expansive Jupiter at 22° fiery Leo.

Since I personally enjoy/endure a number of close triangles each containing one square (90°), one trine (120°) or sextile (60°), and one inconjunct (150°) in my own natal chart, I’ve made a protracted study of this asymmetrical configuration, and have come to the conclusion that this particular aspect pattern, one not usually noticed by astrologers, should be called the “triangle of continuous growth”. (Here, the also exact inconjunct between Jupiter and Mars does not show up on my program.)

So, I’d say, expect this volatile, explosive, and deeply primal situation to grow and expand in unpredictable ways. We’re not surprised by either the verdict or the response.

At the midpoint of Uranus and Eris is the South Node of the chart, at 18° Aries — signifying the ancient, karmic way of responding to injustice through violence. This does appear to be the first response in Ferguson to the announcement, and no wonder, given our nation’s history of genocide (of the original inhabitants), and endless racism (especially against Afro-Americans) and its historical and current concentration in certain locations, especially in the south — all exacerbated and illuminated by the months long, frustrating and most likely, psy-ops designed build-up of militaristic forces with MSM press coverage, this combination inviting increasingly violent confrontation in the streets of Ferguson after Michael Brown’s bullet-ridden body lay on the street for four hours one hot day in August.

What better than an engineered confrontation with authorities to “require” centralization of even more control by authorities? If we don’t shift the atmosphere, martial law could be next. But we can shift it, as the triangle of continuous growth indicates. Living processes have their own natural laws, and they are always way more mysterious than our puny left brained logic and planning can conceive. Let us grab hold of this present moment and move in the direction we the people choose.

Let us move into direct, determined, non-violent, wide-ranging and long-lasting solidarity and responsiveness to this latest example of the lack of equal-handed justice in America.

One healthy note: the Ascendant of this chart is in protective Cancer, closely trine both disciplined Saturn and communicative Mercury in late Scorpio. One early indication of what this might portend: I read this afternoon that there are some protestors in Ferguson who are protecting local businesses from looting — and saying so. YES!

Ferguson protestors guard stores from looters

Here’s a map of businesses set fire overnight in Ferguson:



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8 Responses to The day after Ferguson announcement of no indictment: local and national response — plus astrology

  1. bill says:

    about when it was released. but i don’t know…

  2. bill says:

    Ed Magee, a spokesman for the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office, defended the timing of the grand jury announcement, which was made at close to 8:30 p.m. Central time on Monday, when the streets of St. Louis were dark and demonstrators had already massed in front of the Ferguson Police Department.

    from the nyt.

  3. bill says:

    a friend just sent me this from the bbc. that makes it 8:17.


    Some witness statements contradicted by the physical evidence, he says, such as those saying Brown was shot in the back. –

    Posted at 02:17

    St Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch now speaking, begins by extending sympathy to Brown family. –

    Posted at 02:13

    It’s coming in two minutes now, we’re told. –

    Posted at 02:11

    You can watch the announcement live here .

  4. zoidion says:

    More Mars significance: Mars — lord of the solar eclipse at 1 Scorpio on 23 October — was at the upper meridian (midheaven) at Ferguson within two degrees at the time of said eclipse. (Mars was exactly on the upper meridian at Minneapolis, lately in the news — again — as a recruiting area for Somalis to fight for the Islamic State.)

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