Take these two trends, swirl together, and . . . B(E) (A)WARE!

mixing-poisonI leave it up to you to let these two roil around in your gut, at first separately and then together, when their toxic brew causes even worse cramping.

First, Chris Hedges new weekly piece at truthdig, a detailed and comprehensive description of prison labor, how it exploits, who it serves, what it heralds for the future.

The Prison State of America

Put that together with a new use of the word, “turking.” From the Urban Dictionary:

‘to turk’ (v – transitive) to be vigorously pillaged up the anus by a sweaty man of Middle Eastern or Turkish extraction, normally (but not always) against one’s will. Often occurs in sordid prisons or dank, humid basements. Unpleasant.

Global Guerillas applies the word “turking” to what, for example, Uber is doing with its internet business, turning humans, world-wide, into (taxi-driving) bots. Put that business model together with the creeping privatization of the U.S. prison system, and we get the vague outlines of what we need to watch out for, what we must dismantle before it bites us in the ass.

The Road to Turking


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