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2011 UFO Congress: Travis Walton's strange claim

If you haven’t heard about Travis Walton (www.travis-walton.com/), and his 1975 experience in a remote Arizona forest, you might want to look into it. Some say it’s the best documented and most famous “abduction” case ever recorded. Travis spoke at … Continue reading

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But Why Do you not “Believe”? Matter, Energy and Dimensions

The above photo, of the star cluster Pleiades, is the work of my old childhood friend (and first love, and second husband (for two years in our 30s), and forever tribal member) Dick High. Since retiring from his career as … Continue reading

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The Zygote Has Already Split!

My apologies to anyone who read the first version of this post, which I took down last night, after a phone call from a reader who convinced me that my perspective was somewhat skewed. I thank that reader for her … Continue reading

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