Sun Conjunct Uranus Exact Today! Breakdown? Breakthrough?

As I begin to write this post, 1:52 PM EDT, the Sun is moving towards exact conjunction with Uranus. What alarming, sudden, earth-shaking, news is upsetting your applecart today? Or will, shortly? And/or: what old stuck body/mind/soul patterns have been inexorably shifting, dissolving, and now today and over the next few days, suddenly breaking you free of old karma that has held you back forever?

I don’t know what old karma I’ve been working with — and actually, I suspect it’s more collective than personal — though I do know that yesterday I felt very underwater, held down, almost as if “what’s the point of it all?” This is not normal for me, and frankly, I suspect that some kind of frequency weapon was used yesterday, to murk up the currents, already swirling with the strange juxtaposition of  both F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) (the masked ones), and excitement, the smell of freedom in the air (unmasked faces erupting into smiles).

But yesterday, geez yesterday! Reminded me somewhat of one of the days just prior to the Scorpio Full Moon! Then, at our weekly Green Acres Village Community Dinner last night, I discovered that two more people here also felt the same way I did; or we all think so, since we all had trouble actually putting into words the strange malaise we suffered through.

Maybe that was a sign that the eruption was near? I have no idea. In any case, the Sun will reach Uranus at 10°41 Taurus at exactly 3:45 pm EDT today when set—— for D.C. which, as some of you may be aware, the Democrats are now wanting to turn into the 51st state —

— and “The Donald,” on telegram, says that okay, if so, the federal government needs to be dispersed across all 51 states, rather than located in D.C. only. Bingo!

BTW: I hear that DJT is going to start up his MAGA rallies again.

Oh boy, can you imagine the momentum that will build with this ignition? And this, during the historic 40-day 2020 election audit in Maricopa County Arizona, which many are seeing as the first domino to fall, with five swing states to follow?

Keep in mind that DJT’s chart shows 8° Taurus at the midheaven. This time period is bound to present sudden surprises in both the way he is viewed in the world, and the role he is playing during this extraordinary year like no other.

But the main planet that I would like to point to in this Sun/Uranus chart above, is Neptune, sitting at 22° Pisces, within only two degrees of the Descendant of the chart. Remember: the most powerful points in any chart are those on the four angles. Any planet found on any one of them is thereby brought into prominence.

You might want to review this piece now:

Wetiko, an unconscious Neptune in Pisces syndrome, has materialized a “field phenomenon” called “THE VIRUS”

And this one from yesterday:

Scorpio Full Moon Aftermath: Fear, or LOVE, this is the only choice, and we make it unceasingly, with every breath we take

Actually, no need to read them over. Just pay attention to the titles. Neptune signifies, when not unconscious (and yucky, dispirited, addicted, confused) but instead, highly conscious, the miraculous, compassionate, all embracing LOVE that fills and fuels the universe.

But, be warned. This all-encompassing LOVE can get co-opted, stopped in its expansive thrust, by ego.

Sun/Uranus at 11° Taurus, sabian symbol (always read for the next whole degree):


Dane Rudyhar comments:

“The psycho-mental nature of a human being takes form out of the fulfillment and transcendence of biological functions and drives, much as the bud appears as the sap rises, and bursts forth into bloom. “As the roots, so the flowers” is an old axiom. The consciousnness attaches itself to this wondrous efflorescence: it lavishes its attention upon it, its love — alas, usually a possessive kind of love (This is my garden!”) Thus the ego develops. It may develop in a negative, resentful way if a belated frost destroys the buds.”






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