• Do you sense a growing vertical split within you between above and below?

• Do your mind and spirit reach high into the infinitely mysterious sky and meanwhile, at the same time, your body and heart work hard to mimic nature in creating abundance on the ground?

• Have you found yourself traveling in two communities (the above and the below), neither of which recognizes the validity or importance of the other? And do you keep these worlds separate within yourself, too?

If you answer yes, to these three questions, you’re not alone.

We are everywhere. Let’s find each other and help explore the understandings needed to design and construct a bridge that links the above and the below within us. And let us do so as a community, in a shared concentration of effort. Please contact me, if you wish to join our merry band — as guest writer, designer, web geek, artist, thinker, explorer, researcher, whatever. Join us! At least, feel free to comment. Thanks.

Ann Kreilkamp

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  1. Tajali says:

    I am thankful to be connected to your community through a friend. My circle is expanding in many ways. Thank you. Tajali

  2. Steven Monaco says:

    Hello Ann……

    In the early 80’s We met briefly in Jackson Hole Wyoming……. well I just mysteriously found you again. Heart smiles. I am now an expat living in Todos Santos Baja Mexico and we still share common threads. Looking forward to ongoing threads in waking up to the garden….. S

  3. I love that I have found this sight on an internet adventure.
    Every three months or so I sit down to look at what is happening on the internet.
    An international community creating a support network of “we are one world”.
    As my heart cries, you have brought a place where the cries may be turned into a calming place where logic can be nurtured.

  4. Thanks, I am glad I found this place. Now I have put it In my bookmarksand I shall return.

  5. I’m so glad I found your site today! We follow almost all the same sources (and Source, too, haha ;-)) so I am surprised I have not found your site before now. But today I did and I am happy it happened.

    I read your essay on stopping smoking — maybe one reason I came here today as I have had trouble with letting go for three years now. Also, we have a very similar background — this here:

    I am 39 years old and my life has, slowly, inexorably, ground down to dust.

    Everything I’ve worked for has whirled into the abyss. Three marriages, two children, career as a college professor, several utopian experiments in community — all gone. Vanished. Poof!

    is almost word-for-word my story, too. Even the age! I’m in my third marriage now, just turned 44, and things just keep getting weirder, but better, too. 🙂 Oh, I’ve not tried any utopian experiments in community, though, at least not in this dimension. *grin*

    I’m following your site now & looking forward to reading more. Another site you might enjoy is Denise LeFay’s Transitions: She follows up on Lisa Renee’s stuff. I appreciate her posts very much.

    Be well, and thank you.
    Calliope the Muse

    • Thanks Calliope the Muse!

      Interested that you’re about the same age I was, and with similar background, when you look directly at the eye of the needle through which you will go to “stop smoking.” Truly, a momentous opportunity to reboot your own operating system. At least it was for me! Glad to know we’re on the same page. And just so you know, ever since I went through that needle’s eye, everything that I do, say, and be, feels utterly transformed. No longer is the bottom falling out from under me. No longer am I trying to stay in denial about the bottom falling out from under me. So very different, to have a real foundation to stand upon. Blessings!


  6. Norral Rathan Jr. says:

    hi Ann . my name is norral i am 66 and i resonate with the thoughts i have read here. the realization i am getting now and its a feeling is to just let go. i cant change the world, which i consider to be insane, at least not on the scale and with the speed that i desire to. but changes i make to myself positive changes to me affect those in my sphere positively and that is ok. so i will continue to read and check in and contribute some thoughts from time to time

    all the best

    • And I resonate with what YOU say here! Let go of outcomes, and meanwhile, be fully myself in the world, radiating love to all. I’m also very struck by the idea that we need to be kind to everyone we meet because each person is having a really hard time . . . Thanks for your comment Norral!

  7. Stacy Schorr says:

    I’m not sure how I found you, but I know it wasn’t accidental

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