Rewilding Department: “Weeds” for Our Tunnel?

This morning, on our walk, puppy Shadow and I walked through the tunnel that takes one “to the other side” from our Green Acres enclave —

and, I was not surprised to see that it has already received yet another block lettered graffiti word (bong?) after recently being grey-washed, as usual, by the city. Last year, for a brief and shining moment, we called forth another kind of artistic expression in there.
Igraffiti.1 graffiti.6 . . .

Today, from Oakwood, Ted send me an email telling me to watch “Weeds.” Okay.

Hmmm. Maybe we should paint so-called weeds — i.e., extremely resilient wild plants (see this morning’s post) — on the those walls?


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  1. I’ve spent the past four years cultivating good weeds in my yard. I have a wide host of weeds, from dock, dandelion, nipplewort, cat’s ears, sow thistle, comfrey, nettles, and more that I harvest for tea, soups, and stews. These are superfoods that are hardy and nutritious and SO easy to grow. My bees love them, too!

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