Refractions of Baltimore

Is Baltimore Ferguson? Are both staged distractions following staged murders of lone unarmed young black men? Both meant to usher in national rioting and martial law, perhaps in concert with “Jade Helm”? Oh, and don’t forget to mention the curfew and the National Guard.

Oooooo! Let’s get really, really SCARED.

Wait a minute? Is it really all that “violent” in Baltimore, or are only a small minority of the largely peaceful demonstrators destructive — but of course the MSM is all over that! The more sensational the better! Hmmm. Are the “rioters” brought in from the outside, like some say they were in Ferguson, to disrupt the otherwise non-violent, peaceful demonstration?

You might want to google some or all of these ideas. Right now, I’m more interested in noticing how any single news event, thanks to social media, is instantly refracted into diverse images, opinions, unique points of view. No longer does the center hold. Rather, the Alice in Wonderland looking glass through which we have been peering darkly for all these years of corporatized media programming has been shattered into a million shards. And that — if you can remain standing, and meanwhile center yourself inside the “thousand points of light” (remember that phrase? from a speech given by George Bush the First) — could be a good thing. Or not. Good if we can finally relearn how to discern, think for ourselves, intend what future we are determined to head for, and then head in that direction with every thought, word and deed. Not good if we just go, or remain numb, dumb, zombied, zoned out.

#Images of the Baltimore Riots


20 Iconic #BaltimoreRiots Protest Signs, Images and Tweets







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