Reflections on the 56th Anniversary of the Assasination of JFK

Yes. Today, November 22, 2019 is the 56th anniversary of the day that we witnessed the ritual killing of our visionary leader who inspired us, in his inaugural address, to ask “not what can my country do for me, but what can I do for my country.”

Yes. Today. Murdered by hidden powers beyond our control and which we do not understand.

Welcome!  To the 56th anniversary of the day our Dream of Camelot died.

And how are we doing?

These two “comedians” tell us.

Whaddya know . . . their lacerating sociological raps don’t even seem dated, though both are also long-dead.

Meanwhile, the rumor that JFK Jr.’s death — who supposedly died in a mysterious plane crash into the ocean on July 16, 1990, 30 years ago, one Saturn cycle ago — may have been stagedl  That indeed he may actually be among us, planning (plotting?) the whole time, to avenge the death of his father. (Remember Vincent Fusca? But to me Fusca doesn’t look anything like what I think JFK would look like now.)

Some are even wondering if JFK Jr. is “Q”? Despite that Q told us, when asked, point blank, more than once:



On the other hand, Q also says, on occasion, and coyly, or in warning, “Disinfo is necessary.”


So asking Q about the status of JFK Jr. doesn’t necessarily get us anywhere.

And there are also internet rumors that have swirled around ever since that small plane went down on July 16, 1999, which link — of course! who else? — HRC to JFK Jr.’s death.

Okay, but what if he IS alive?

Here’s a post about JFK, Jr., supposedly alive, that contains a photo that does look very much like what I would imagine he would look like at 59 (see video below)! Wow, there’s Saturn again. This would be John John’s his second Saturn return! (See his natal chart: and note it contains Mars at 18° in home and family loving Cancer directly on Trump’s Venus/Saturn at 23° and 25°, and directly across from both his own Saturn at 15° Capricorn and the the now forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 17° and 21° Capricorn).

Hmmm. Time to come out of hiding?

Finally, on the 56th anniversary of his father’s death, here’s a very interesting video, part of an interview JFK Jr. supposedly did this year with Field McConnell (Abel Danger), who BTW, was arrested on November 6th, 2019, in Minnesota. Something to do with his investigation of child trafficking in Broward County, Florida.

Someone needs to find a voice recording of JFK in his 30s and find out if there’s a match with this voice. Whoever this man is, he’s clearly very passionate about the destiny of this nation. Please listen carefully, and remember, he and DJT were, apparently, friends.






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