RED OCTOBER? Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn squared by Moon, then Sun, then MARS, in Justice-Seeking Libra

While I don’t want to go into it, you might do a search for “Red October” on, and check the references. Here are two, and note: “disinformation is necessary,” and  “double meanings exist.” I.e., make of them what you will!


Why important? Because October does seem to be stuck in the minds of qanons everywhere (including myself) as the month when the “shit hits the fan,” so to speak.

I look at transiting squares of the Moon, Sun and Mars to the now pulsing, forming, battering, Saturn/Pluto conjunction — exact on January 12 2020 for the first time in 35 years. I see this conjunction itself as a prelude to the long-running first return of Pluto to its own natal place in the U.S. chart (about 2022-25). And when I tie the planets in DJT’s chart to those in the U.S. chart, well, yes, all hell does appear to break loose! (But I’m not going to do that again in this post.)

Yes, what we call “The Storm” might just begin to break loose this month, this October, this “Red October,” when first the transiting Moon in Capricorn, yesterday, moving at its rate of about one degree every two hours, between 4 pm until early this morning crossed directly over those pulsing Saturn and Pluto positions. More significantly, transiting Sun (from yesterday through the 11th, and next transiting Mars, from the 12th through the 20th), both moving through justice-seeking Libra in a tense 90° square to that same pulsing Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn area. Do they now begin to torpedo the Deep State that is trying like hell to depose DJT one way or another?

Forgive me for continuing to focus on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in post after post.  Quite simply, it dominates the earthly news from the heavens above and within the collective unconscious below! Especially when you consider it in context as mere prelude to the revolutionary? evolutionary? first return of Pluto to its own natal place in the U.S. chart. So again, and now, let’s slow this familiar, but still confusing, short-hand disquisition down a bit. Here goes:

Stern, disciplined, goal-oriented, organized Saturn (30 year cycle) sits currently at 12° Capricorn.

Moving much more slowly (248 year cycle), primal, death/rebirth, power over or power from within Pluto sits currently at 20° Capricorn.

Only eight degrees separate these two heavy, karmic, portentious planets, with Saturn closing in, to reach exact conjunction with Pluto at 22° Capricorn January 12.


Today, October 6, the bright hot Sun reached its 90* square to Saturn’s position at 12° Capricorn. On the 14th it will reach the square to Pluto’s position at 20° Capricorn. Sun to Saturn and Pluto: Time of Illumination. 

Just this morning, this tweet by Joe M:




Impatient, warlike, foolhardy Mars acts a bit ahead of exactness. I suspect the dates in question for Mars are from about October 19th through November 5th: Time of Action.

I don’t know if you noticed, but apparently there is a ten day training exercise right now at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, in wetland territory that approximates that of Washington, D.C.

Hmmm . . . This all started on October 3. Likewise, this order? 

Another news source put October 19th as a red letter day. (Where? Can’t find it now.)

Yes. Instead of, once again, putting the DJT and U.S. charts up here, let me just put up one, for that of the Full Moon at 20° Aries/Libra: Harvest Moon, October 12, 2019. Note that the Aries/Libra Full Moon exactly squares Pluto’s position at 20° Capricorn. Will this Full Moon detonate the beginning of the Harvest we qanons have been impatiently waiting for? And if so, are we qanons truly attuned to the times, and to military intelligence that has gifted us with Q as a complex thread of meaning that makes ambiguous sense of confusing events? Or: are we just silly fools? lemmings? — blinded, desperate for justice, racing en masse off the cliff into the sea.



Announced today:


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