Re: that Bushman “deathbed” confession and plastic K Mart “alien”

For background, see

Joan Bird: On Dying Scientists’ UFO Confessions

Here’s a blogpost that debunks that the Bushman “confession” royally. Or tries to. Also skim through the comments below the post, many of them of intensely mocking, as ever, thus continuing the “ridicule” programming set in motion after Roswell in 1947 by the USG whenever the subject of UFOs comes up! What’s changed? And who’s the real dupe?

Perhaps this video was released now and designed to go viral (which it certainly did) in order to discredit any real confession in this era where “Disclosure” seems looming on the near horizon? Or perhaps the confession was real and the K-Mart’s “alien doll” was copied from Bushman’s “alien”? Just when did Bushman’s video actually get made? Was he in on the scam or not? Was it a scam, really? Or just used that way. Given the devious ways the Black Projects folks think, might they have put out that K Mart doll just so it would discredit Bushman when his video, made earlier, was released? And might have that release been timed, for NOW? Just speculating.


Scientist Photographs Plastic Alien at Area 51


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