Re: "Ebola in America!" Eeeeeek!



Today’s dead serious MSM report that the first U.S. victim of Ebola has been identified in Dallas Texas prompted me to check out what Jon Rappoport would have to say about this “new development.” Eeeeeeek!

Rappoport did not disappoint.

Is the “1st U.S. Ebola patient” a hoax?

Aha, and now I see he has another post on this “new development” Eeeeeek! to identify further likely ramifications:

“Tracking the Ebola Contacts”: call in the Surveillence State

Eeeeeek! gets a drubbing from this Alabama good old boy:

EbolaGate: Heads Up, CDC! Real Men Ain’t Your Trained Seals Go Shoot Yourself With Your Nasty-Ass Shit-in-a-Shot by Bubba’s Not Buying

As Lance White comments: “Vaccines are like chemtrails. You never know what’s in them.”

And until one more silly psy-op tries to terrify, we don’t know what’s in us either. Way to go, Bubba.





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  1. Cindy W. says:

    I went to my local nurse practitioner yesterday. (Unfortunately, because I have atrial fibrillation, I cannot escape going for regular checks unless I let my problem go, and then that would ramp up all kinds of reactions from healthcare providers.) I noticed she was really pushing several vaccines. She wanted me to have 1) a flu shot, 2) a tetanus shot, and 3) a shingles vaccine. Funny how synchronous this is with the whole Ebola event. Plus she started aggressively pushing other diagnostic tests. I put them off for now, as well as the vaccines (I’ve already had shingles, I have responses for the other 2), but the timing was unmistakable. Plus I noticed her new software from the main Catholic hospital network in central Indiana has these pop-up boxes that lead to the next push – i.e. if the patient is xyz, then you push this diagnostic test. Flow charts. And I’m certain that the insurance industry (headquartered in Indianapolis – the one in Indy, Anthem WellPoint, wrote the Obamacare law, to which I’m not yet subject) designed this software very “generously” for that hospital network in order to further its agenda. It’s like they’re looking for all the exits and trying to seal them off before people can get out of their little power games.

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