Possible Good News: Putin and Trump

I find it interesting and significant that I discovered something wonderful about both Putin and Trump during these past few days of this most sacred Solstice time of the year. And want to share my findings with you. Admittedly, they are anecdotal, and esoteric; they prove nothing. But they both indicate, I feel, a very strong possibility that neither Putin nor Trump are the demons mind-controlled Americans make them out to be.

Putin’s birth chart shows a hidden 12th house stellium of planets in Libra, near where Jupiter currently sits, exactly opposing transit Uranus in Aries, squaring transit Pluto and Mercury, and sextile/trine transit Saturn. Putin comes forth as a master Libran diplomat who knows how to forge an alliance with a number of players simultaneously, as well as a make a decision to move forward in an enlightened manner, with the means, motive, and capacity to enact it. Here is what he just told journalists in his annual four plus hours of Q &A.

For example, Aleppo. Now a few words about Aleppo. Indeed, the President of Turkey and the President and all leaders of Iran in general played a very large role in resolving the situation around Aleppo. This involved exchanges and unblocking several areas with a Shiite majority. Perhaps this will sound immodest but this would have been simply impossible without our participation, without Russia’s participation.

So, all this cooperation in the trilateral format definitely played a very important role in resolving problems around Aleppo. Indicatively, and this is extremely important, especially at the last stage, this was achieved without military action, as the Defence Minister just reported to me about this work at the final stage. We simply organised and carried out the evacuation of tens of thousands of people, and not only radical armed groups and their representatives but also women and children. I am referring to the over 100,000 people who were evacuated from Aleppo. Thousands were moved out of other residential areas in exchange for this withdrawal from Aleppo.

This is the biggest – and I want to emphasize this for all to hear – the biggest international humanitarian action in the modern world. It could not have been carried out without the active efforts of the Turkish leadership, the Turkish President, the President of Iran and all other Iranian leaders, and without our active participation. Needless to say, this would not have been achieved without the goodwill and efforts of Mr Assad, the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, and his staff. So, experience shows that there is a need for this format and we will, of course, develop it.

I would not disregard the interests and the involvement of other countries in the region, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and, of course, Egypt. Undoubtedly, it would also be wrong to approach issues of this kind without a global player such as the United States, so we are willing to work with everyone.

The next step, while we are at it, should be an agreement on a ceasefire throughout Syria, immediately followed by practical talks on political reconciliation. We suggested Astana, Kazakhstan, as a neutral territory, and the President of Turkey agreed. The President of Iran also agreed as did President Assad. President Nazarbayev has kindly agreed to provide this venue. I very much hope that we will manage to put it on a practical footing.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to stun observers and critics with his audacious behavior, wiping anything and everything off the table that doesn’t concern or interest him, and addressing exactly what he wants to all the time. His comment, when discussing the “Very nice” Christmas letter he received from Putin, struck me with its poignancy. Clearly, this man knows the nuclear stakes.

Time Magazine: “A very nice letter from Vladimir Putin; his thoughts are so correct,” Trump said in a statement, along with the letter, which is dated Dec. 15. “I hope both sides are able to live up to these thoughts, and we do not have to travel an alternate path.”

Even more exciting for me, is to read that, according to his Vedic astrology chart, Trump has just moved out of a 7-year egocentric, competitive Rahu/Mars/10th house dasa into an 18 year benevolent Jupiter dasa. The Rahu/Mars/10th house emphasis during these past  seven years, prompted him to show his stuff as a warrior who could do anything he wanted and win, or if not win, then roar back from any temporary setback.

I do not know of another political leaders (for yes, that is what he is now) who even comes close to him for sustained fiery energy; and we should be grateful that he has the balls to do whatever; of course what concerns everyone is what whatever is, and I, among others, argue that we need to give him at least 100 days to show his stuff as president. And then, after that, if necessary, hold his feet to the fire (or, I would say, even impeach him). For the stakes could not be higher; they concern the life and death of this planet and all life upon her.

I think he knows this. And even if he doesn’t, his benevolent, generous, far-seeing Jupiter dasa will begin to lift him to a higher frequency, so that he no longer needs to enact Mars — me, my ego, the greatest player, the one who can trump whoever.

By the way, Unlike Trump, Putin doesn’t exaggerate, nor does he pump up his own ego. So that he described what happened in Aleppo as as “the biggest humanitarian action in the modern world,” is significant. World, take note. He is asking us to continue.

The meeting of these two leaders will be titanic. I have a feeling that Trump knows that he needs to learn from Putin. That he sees Putin as his mentor, more evolved; and I have a feeling and Putin knows Trump wants to evolve. That he wants to be the greatest president ever. And that in order to get there, he must change, to become truly the leader of all Americans in a cooperative, multi-centered world. Putin’s letter, in this context, was meant as an encouragement. Yes, come on. Come on in. The water’s fine. And our planet will benefit.




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4 Responses to Possible Good News: Putin and Trump

  1. I am certainly open to any and all possibilities. That said, Trump wasn’t elected King.. he was elected (though he didn’t wind the popular vote) to be President of the United States. I didn’t vote for either Trump or Clinton, believing them to sides of the same greed based coin. Neither of them had the connection to Earth based reality, to the people nor the honor and integrity, what more the vision to lead us in these times. Being a boss, does not necessarily make one a leader.

    I have been in an ongoing discussion with friends about the notion of “hope”. It started when a friend brought up an essay by Charles Eisenstein about being free of hope or hope free. Shortly thereafter some one forwarded something by Wendell Berry saying the we should cultivate hope. My response was that I liked the Spanish word for hope, “esperanza”.. it seemed to me a more active process of bringing the wanted Light to an issue or situation.

    I know quite a number of people that hope that Trump will be a far better man than he has ever shown himself to be. To me that is a bit like seeing a drunk get in the drivers seat of a school bus with you kids and grandkids on, saying nothing and hoping for the best.

    It was Trump’s rhetoric that created the angst among many people. His cabinet picks have for the most part only deepened that angst. Our founding document the Declaration of Independence states clearly that “government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed” I’m not convinced that Trump understands that.

    In just a few weeks Trump will be taking the oath of office for the presidency. Part of that oath is to uphold the Constitution. The foundation to the US Constitution is in the the purposes and principles articulated in the Preamble. Trump’s rhetoric seems at odds with those principles.

    We like to believe that ours is a government of, for and by the people. That hasn’t proven to be the case. Corporate profit is the central theme of US governance. Trump has profited mightily from that. If Trump is to become something or someone different than the man he has been and the candidate that he was: it is not going to be Putin that makes him the man, it is going to be the people. I pray the stars are right for him to awaken, but they are just an indicator of possibility. The catalyst for change comes from somewhere else.

    We all know that things have to change.. we can crash head on to the wall at a 100 mph or we can be smart enough to slow it down and try hitting the wall at an angle.. perhaps a bit less bloody.

  2. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    It’s difficult to articulate the depth of gratitude I have to for *any* multi-dimensional view of the current world changes.

    Thank you, Ann.

  3. Brandon David says:

    Brilliant Ann, Thank You! This is how I see it as well. I think that yes Trump may take advantage of political position and make some money, but it really does look to me like he sees the game for what it is and wants to change it. He is a smart man, and already a great strategist. I see him as the great equalizer. His language was hard to hear, and was too much at times, but he is real about his position and I wouldn’t be surprised if he used the overactive emotions of the American people to get into a position to strike real change and to hell with the wall… If he sees the criminal mafia like power structure for what it is, he would have to be as cunning as they are. I see this man as possibly having what it takes. However, he will have to learn a few moves from the Juditsu Master Putin First!!

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