Pointings for April 23, 2012

Where to begin? How to organize? What flow to follow? All questions in life, and in this moment. With so much happening, what to focus and comment on. What matters? It all matters? None of it matters? “Matter,” derivation, ultimately, from the Latin, “mater” = mother.

“Matter”: what occupies physical space and can be perceived by at least one of the five outer senses.

“Matter”: what is of importance.

Interesting, that these two definitions are allied. What matters, in this 3D world, is that which occupies physical space and can be perceived by at least one of the five outer senses.

Well, maybe. What matters may also be something more subtle, a vast energetic field within which mater-ial forms pop in and out. Including “the news” (the olds). Think of each of the following stories as a pop into space/time from the void. Strictly temporary. Impermanent. This perspective helps me, for one, to keep my balance within the choppy flow of currently colliding tsunamis of meaning.

First, the mood as this week begins, at least from the strictly 3D perspective. Here’s two stories on that, and both might be summed up in a quote from the first one: “When anything goes, nothing matters.”

• From shift frequency.com: Greg Hunter — Numb to Bad News

• From truthdig.com: The Globalization of Hollow Politics, Chris Hedges

My takeaway from pieces such as the above is that the entire world civilization is falling apart. As it must! Corporations and corporatized “nation states” and the fiat currencies that fuel them and their political stooges, all are being hollowed out. Meanwhile, a new, re-localized, bottomlands ecoculture is beginning to sprout up like wild flowers everywhere, its seeds driven by the winds of both discontent and communion.

Then there’s the need to be constantly on the alert for disinfo and/or agendas that are other than presented. For example, this skeptical post, on the revered Galactic Federation, which reminds me of another skeptical post, on Fulford and Wilcock.

• From jhaines6.com: The Galactic Federation of Light May Have A Selfish Motive.

To me, it’s critical to remain centered, in my own reality, radiating love and harmony into the environment. Whatever comes up in me, let it go. Whatever I see or hear in the “news,” let it go. Let go of attitudes, let go of beliefs. Let go and let in love. Serve as a transformer, from earth to sky and sky to earth. For earth, my body an antenna. For sky, my body grounds electrical discharge.

By the way, Fulford has a new piece out. And Kuailapele’s right. It certainly does feel like a soap opera. I bet Fulford loved to play cops and robbers as a kid. Stay centered, Ann, breathe! (And yet something does seem to be going on in the South China Sea. What? What’s the real story? We may never know.) Again, breathe! I keep forgetting to breath. Suck air in. Fearful, I notice myself holding it in. Let it go, let go!

• kauilapele.wordpress.com: Benjamin Fulford – 4/23/12: Major Confrontations in South China Sea as Desperate Cabal Tries to Steal Asian Gold Deposits.

I presume everybody’s heard, by now, that Japan forgave Myanmar’s debts. That one was all over the MSM news. Why? We’d like to see it as good news, and news that might spread. Like Iceland forgiving mortgage debt last week. That went viral, too. A Debt Jubilee for the whole world?

Now that would be real news. Not just the olds to which we are so accustomed.

Plus, the Dutch PM and cabinet are set to design and American Kabuki now lists 611 resignations from world banks . . .

And the most important news, if true, comes from Drake, thanks to jhaines6.wordpress.com.

Message from Drake to the Patriots April 22, 2012.




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  1. gcgrann says:

    Great summative report of everything that’s “out there” in the im-materium. It’s becoming more illusory by the day as various timelines merge and the world as we knew it falls away. Feels a bit like one of those scary roller-coaster rides when the car reaches the top and a straight drop yawns below.

    It’s definitely time to breathe (in both directions). 🙂

    Blessings ~G

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