Pointings for April 18, 2012

Here’s the five top stories for me this morning.

• John Kettler: ETs/EDs Raid Chinese Nuclear Forces–Take 1000 Missiles!

If Kettler is right, then this is by far the most interesting news I could ever hope to pass along today. . . if so, I wonder if this is the real story underneath all the rumors about recent turbulence at the top of the Chinese government. And, I wonder too: what’s next? Whoo-ee!

• Huffpost: Giant Solar Flare erupting from the surface of the Sun

Given that so many channels are now warning that the Sun may be giving us a bit more than we are accustomed to this year, I remind myself to protect myself from solar overindulgence while at the same time learn how to surf the incoming magnificence. What I notice: the GANG garden (and many gardens in town) are flourishing with the same plants that were planted last fall. The winter did not kill them. They came back with a roar. Increased solar energy? Every day, on my walks with Shadow, I breathe the light of the Sun into my heart and breathe it out again to fill the world around me. So much, so much! Can we hold all this love light that seeks us? And so very grateful.

• americankabuki: Banker resignation graphs as of 4/14/12

This helps contextualize. Notice the very recent “slowing down” of the resignations — is this the pause before massive arrests begin? (See all the Fulford/Wilcock/Drake posts, plus, lots of channels saying the same thing. For a summary of the channeled info, see Steve Beckows post today: The mass arrests will remove the cabal completely.)

• 2012portal.blogspot.com: Forces of Light, Forces of Darkness

Another contextualization: this one a summary of who’s who, “light” “dark” and “mixed” —that may help orient us to who’s who among the celestials and galactics, the cabal, the “resistance,” the earth allies, etc. in what really does more and more appear to be a momentous — indeed unimaginable! — climactic cosmic unfolding. Here’s what one commenter had to say: “This information is like a piercing alarm clock going off in the early morning hours! Finally, someone in the know gets all the ducks in a row for us confused humans.”

I find all posts on this brand new blog interesting and will add it to the five I feature on the right hand side of the page as worth consulting daily.

• newyorktimes: Citigroup’s Chief Rebuffed on Pay by Shareholders

Sounds like Occupy consciousness is beginning to infect the vast roiling currents of the mainstream. YES!


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