POEM: Hey, Code Breaker!

Part of my work on this planet is to help set the stage for others to ignite their unique, specific passionate response to the world.

MelissaLaFlamm.01-272x300In this vein, here’s magnificent poetry by “shamanic soulworker” Melissa LaFlamme.

Via Paul

Hey, Code Breaker!


My prayer is this:
That you embody
your sweaty-palmed longing to rave —
with soul as freedom’s teacher and
spirit as bad-ass trail guide to lead you
to the know-how in your shattered, open heart.
The heart of you
that knows gusty winds and cosmic
do not last.

The heart of you,
reverent now — having kissed
Death’s evolutionary
intelligence —
licks life alive again,
giving birth
to screaming rebellion,
to the freedom to
give it all back to
the crying earth.

To pay the only debt we owe.

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2 Responses to POEM: Hey, Code Breaker!

  1. Ted says:

    If it is possible, “magnificent” is an understatement. This caught so perfectly the power moving through me when I was 28 blended into the wisdom I have gained since, 33 years of living and paying attention

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