Peter Dale Scott: American corporate interests, not the American people, are interested in “pure global domination.”

When I tried to get the following RT interview with former diplomat and U.C. Berkeley English Professor Peter Dale Scott from youtube, it had been removed. This is not the first time. More and more, in the past month, and increasingly in the past week or two, when I try to get a video from youtube, its no longer there. Are we witnessing a slowly creeping censorship of youtube? If so, why aren’t people talking about it? Or are they, and I just don’t know (yet)?

In any case, this question resonates eerily with the views expressed in this interview, which I did find as a transcript. Scott has been critical of U.S. foreign policy ever since Vietnam. His remarks are, I would say, foundational, for even beginning to comprehend the American corporate militarization of our dear Earth.

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RT Interview with Peter Dale Scott

May 27, 2012

The US corporate superstructure conglomerate – including financial interests, the defense industry, oil companies and the media – brazenly manipulate American society, shares Peter Dale Scott, former diplomat, poet and prominent anti-war advocate.

RT:Why do you think such a concept as Democracy is being so grossly misused?

Peter Dale Scott: It is true, especially in the last 15-20 years, that America has used these slogans of democracy and freedom as a way of expanding their sphere of influence in the world.

We have these two foundations, one Democratic, one Republican, doing what the CIA used to do – putting money into other countries’ elections that I think is quite inappropriate.

Yes, I would like to see more democracy and freedom in the world, but it has to be autochthonous, it has to grow out of the country, it is not something you can blast in. In Libya, it was totally pushed from outside.

I think history is going to judge the Libya thing from a very negative assessment, what was done against Gaddafi.

RT: Do you think it’s really idealism or the lack of necessary analysis or consideration on the part of people who make these decisions to throw full US weight behind any particular movement?

PS: The big difference between the British and American invasions in the third world is that the British at least usually knew the languages of the countries they went into, they had a certain degree of knowledge.

American policies are usually dictated by amazing ignorance. In the case of Libya, for example. The idea was that everybody hates Gaddafi and all you have to do is give a little push to a popular uprising and poof! Gaddafi would be gone. The US special forces went to Syria before the Arab Spring to train resistance groups.

I’m hoping that at some point American will get sick and tired of these nasty interventions which blow up in their face. I think most Americans wish they never heard of Iraq.

RT:When you consider US interests in the Middle East region, wouldn’t it be better for the US and Israel to deal with autocratic but predictable regimes, rather than the unpredictable Islamist groups?

PS: American foreign policy is taking a very bad turn since the 9/11/2001 attacks.

The immediate response was to go after all those countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Syria. What do all these countries have in common? At one point all those countries were allied with Russia, the Soviet Union. So it looked like a concerted effort to replace an area of Soviet influence with American influence.

We had a General Wesley Clark who was in Pentagon in 1991 through to 2001. And it was he who told us there was a plan to go after all these countries which we now have seen been implemented. He talked about the window of opportunity: now that the Soviet Union is gone Russia will be too confused to be able to resist so all this should be done quickly.

This is a very sinister play for pure dominance in the world. I don’t think there is much popular support of the American people for this. It was a group of neocons and special cliques. All [American] companies had their interests in global domination. I’m very disappointed that the American people haven’t done more to stop this because it has become dangerous to the world.

RT: The idea of critical thinking is very strong in American journalism, but it easily demonizes countries which oppose the US. Is it the lack of critical thinking in the American media, or the American audience who is taking those things so lightly?

PS: The problem is not a problem of the journalists. There have been a lot of concentration changes in the American media. We’re getting a kind of corporate superstructure to the American society in which the media and the financial interests and the defense industry, and the oil companies are all a part of one huge conglomerate.

It is very important for the future of the globe to have good communications, which means to have good journalism. It is a great problem that the American corporate superstructure of the media is less and less amenable to objective journalism.

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  1. freesoul (?) says:

    I m waiting as many others for the mass arrests of the cabal. I can t wait to see that day coming. I am an european living in asia since 2005 but still have to make my money in Portugal where I am from. It s been more and more difficult year after tear to do so due I depend on turism. In Portugal i sell fashion acessories inside hotels, in Asia i m a musician ( not anymore due the lack of work ).
    I m not making enough to make a living since 2009 and either many friends I have who depend on the turistic season wherever we live, europe, asia, etc.
    As i said before i can t see the mass arrests days coming or if that do not happen hopefully after the 21-12-2012 some ” divine miracle ” help us all.
    I don t think this planet is running by humans no more.

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