On Stretching, Warping, Morphing Perspectives: Take Two

stock-photo-question-mark-shaped-clouds-on-blue-sky-128789735I’m about to head out for a Dances of Universal Peace weekend in Indianapolis, and the timing of this “break” is good. I’ve just gone through a breakthrough/breakdown of a mental ceiling that I did not know I had, and the aftermath is, well, rough!

Not because I wish I could go on as before, but rough in that everything I read now I see through new eyes and find it difficult to decide both what to repost (that might change) and what personal perspective to lend to those I do decide to repost.

I didn’t know that I was still carrying and seeing through the Lone Ranger archetype. I saw Putin that way, the lone “good guy” in the geopolitical arena who is here to save us.

And who knows, he may have ET help!

Secret Space war XIII: Alien Partners tell Putin, “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back”

Would that be why Putin just doesn’t seem to make mistakes?

A commenter, Mike, castigates me for not seeing the entire panoply in terms of the ET presence, but that to me (even if true, and who knows?) is another “savior” framework that I’d like to avoid. BTW: in his comeback to my comment on his comment, he makes a persuasive argument for not thinking we humans have to go it alone. I’m still pondering that one. Here’s the post again, with comments.

Trying to make sense of the mideast and other madness: stretching, warping, morphing perspectives . . .

Another person, Matt, has emailed me personally to hail my new breakthrough/breakdown, and pointed me to a relatively new blogger, “Ken,” who I had checked out before and found just too radical for my Venus/Mercury in stodgy Capricorn taste.

Redefining God.com: A resource for the awakening human

Now I read his last two posts avidly.

First, this:

Mainstream globalist media reveals East/West conflict is a farce

Then this:

The New Multipolar World and the “Golden Age” : they are not what you think they are

Ken’s perspective appears to be deeply researched, and very very clear. It dovetails with much that philosophyofmetrics points out, plus he comes to the same conclusions as I and many others do. Steer completely clear of any kind of centralization of power, energy, currency, government, etc. Instead, decentralize, be, go, and do local. Grow your own food. Meet your neighbors. Join in community, etc. etc.

I especially appreciate Ken’s warning to not (sit back and wait to) take the candy offered by any kind of widespread money handout that keeps on being promised. That’s the bait. It’s on a hook. The sinker comes later.

So I read the posts on redefininggod and I wonder. What if he’s “right”? But how can any single person be “right” in this time of conflicting, interconnected, ontological and epistemological streamings? His own theory, which is wonderfully overarching, and seems to come from an evidential base, may be a bit too pat. It may just be that nobody, but nobody — archon, illuminati, ascended master, annunaki, bankster, bloggers galore, etc. etc. — really knows what’s going on because the whole she-bang — yes, SHE BANG, is birthing into the quantum field where anything is possible.

As an interesting post that I read this morning on the quantum field points out:

It’s no longer “I THINK, THEREFORE I AM.”




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4 Responses to On Stretching, Warping, Morphing Perspectives: Take Two

  1. bumpercrop says:

    It does appear as if everything is in flux. I too go back and forth on ideologies.As evidenced by my flirtation with J. Chiappolone. (Some of his material still sounds plausible to me)
    Perhaps the creative activity of the joy of dancing will help clear the mind. Good recreat tion helps to calm us and helps us begin again.

  2. Kieron says:

    I was worried at first that this new Ken was Ken Adachi, who has really appeared to have lost all critical thinking skills lately. Very intriguing blog he has, and I have already bookmarked it.

  3. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Hmm, Blogger Ken at Redefining God strikes me as awfully materialistic – rehashing history, just a re-run of the same old forces. BO-ring. Where is the consciousness of Humanity and Gaia as a part of a larger Galaxy, a teeming universe of intelligence, creativity and joy? I get tired of such a limited viewpoint. “I Choose, therefore I AM,” and I choose a far more bountiful, heart-centered global existence.

    This thought pushed in as a postscript: if we fully embody those old symbols in our Being, nobody “outside” can control us with them, can they? It strikes me that the first time around these symbols made “Empire” of our psyches, but to an awakened mind, waving the old Symbols is just a Farce.

  4. glad I could of service Ann and I’m sure Ken appreciates the exposure. Big hug to you!!!

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