On Christmas Day, presenting . . . Valerie Tarico!

My oh my! Woke up this Christmas morning, after successfully negotiating the sedimentary layer of my old addiction to Christmas (that took all of Christmas Eve) — noticing how I felt “lonely,” and “unconnected,” acutely uncomfortable NOT be with family this year. I did talk with sister Kristin yesterday. And I will see Colin today, briefly, but still . . . Son Sean and family are in Massachusetts, and since they’d been here in August, neither of us elected to make the journey. So, noticing, once again, this old “habit” of Christmas, and of course, how it’s thoroughly transmogrified into the apotheosis of consumer culture over the 72 years I’ve been here on Earth in this small, female body.

But still . . . the holiday cheer, the yearly love and generosity that people show to one another during this holy season that piggybacked on ancient pagan observance of Winter Solstice and turned it into something that even now, is hard to fathom, how “Christianity” took over. Not that I have anything against Christ or a Christ-like attitude. In fact, I aim to cultivate that gentle, fierce, sweet Love within myself. However, when I woke up at 6 a.m. this Christmas morning and opened my email to a notice from one of the email lists I’m on, nexusilluminati.blogspot.com, which pointed me to a post by a blogger I’ve never heard of, one Valerie Tarico, discussing the mythologizing of the history of the Christ or the historicizing of the myth of Christ — take your pick or both — I was mightily intrigued! Especially by the opening visual and the punchy quote below it.

Reasons Why You Should Realize

Jesus Never Existed

Exposing the great fraud of Christianity

How the REAL truth will set you freer


Well, that romp led me to other titles by Ms. Tarico, a woman after my own wild heart. Such as “Was Mother Theresa a Masochist?” and “It’s Not Rape if He’s A God — or Thinks He Is?” . The former calls out the fetishization of suffering, particularly in the Catholic Church, and the latter refers to the so-called “Immaculate Conception” and “Virgin Birth.”

Oh my! Great way to wake up on Christmas morning! Left me chuckling in recognition and astonishment. Thank you Valerie!

Puppy Shadow and I then went on our walk. Came back to find that my buddy blogger Laura Bruno has also discovered Valerie Tarico, and posted her Christmas articles on Christmas Day.

Valerie Tarico: Christmas Articles

Here we go again, following the trail of synchronicities. Where will it lead in 2015? We await the good news.

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