New "pivot" in psy-ops war? What's down in ocean off Swedish coast?

Note: See this post, for my recent decision not to be carried away in ongoing speculation by any single psy-op.

Oh my. Maybe it’s about time for the ebola psy-op to “die” (heh heh) out? (I notice that some are now calling it “obola . . .”)

(BTW: Just because something is a psy-op, doesn’t mean it isn’t real, isn’t actually happening in 3D! Just how, of course, is always kaleidoscoping. The point is, what is any real or not, “event” or “situation” (whether short or long-running), being hyped for? What’s its purpose? And for whom? Cui bono?. Who benefits? And for us, the awakening 99.99%: how is this psy-op being used to continue to control our minds?

Actually, they’re all used in pretty much the same way. And it’s getting mighty boring, frankly, to those of us who have better things to do, to think about, and especially, to value. Even so, each of these psy-ops tends to suck us in to its vortex, each one a mesmerizing “high strangeness” . . .

Yep, and our more and more stiff โ€” with worry โ€” but elastic (huh, both? How is that possible?) necks just swivel this way, then that way, over and over again, unbalancing us, making us dizzy with “F.E.A.R” (Yep have to keep sayin’ it: FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL), and prideful determination to “get to the (false, endlessly disappearing) bottom of” whatever is the latest distraction rather than sinking right down into it, the (real) bottom โ€” OF OUR OWN HEARTS; opening them up wide, to include everything and everyone, no matter what, in LOVE.

This is the world we signed up for, remember. And this is the (end?) game we are all playing. It’s up to us to change the rules.

Or not.

In any case, I was clued in to this new “area of concern” off Sweden earlier today by zerohedge:

Sweden Deploys Army, Air Force, Navy near Stockholm Over Reported Damaged Russian Sub; Russia Denies

Googling this new distraction this afternoon, there’s lots of “news.” Notice the various ways the story is being hyped. Lots of comments on the zerohedge piece as well. Here’s my favorite, because possibly the most sane:

Screenshot 2014-10-19 15.38.37

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  1. Kieron says:

    My partner, who is prone to creative hearing, regularly says things like “The twelfth minute” when he means “the eleventh hour.” He has conflated E. coli and Ebola, and has referred to it as E-bo-lie. He may be on to something…! ๐Ÿ™‚

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