My Birthday, Solstice, Uranus, Venus, Pluto: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED



I take off this afternoon for the Oakwood Retreat Center with puppy Shadow. Off-line until Monday.

Meanwhile, what a humdoozy of a Birthday (today) that participates in both the Sun’s union with the 27° Sagittarian Galactic Center (as it does annually), and with the incredibly generous and expansive Jupiter in Leo field that is felt now on this planet, despite all the false flags designed for fear and control (just noticed a new one in Australia, eight children from same family stabbed to death in Cairn).

And wow! The governor of New York refuses fracking!

And wow, after over 50 years, Obama declares Cuba a non-enemy!

Yep! Expect the unexpected, amplified with Uranus turning to go direct on December 26. We are heading into that highly volatile time now (think one week before and after Uranus goes direct for increased intensification of volatility, unpredictability, explosive new information, sudden changes).

As for the Solstice itself, from

The Sun will ingress into Capricorn on Sunday, December 21 at 6:03 EST. The new Moon in Capricorn will follow at 8:36 pm EST. On the way there, Venus will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus.

So wow, a New Moon only hours away from the Solstice. A new beginning (New Moon) in 2015 for the world structurally (Capricorn)? It does seem so, with all that’s going on re: currency wars. Venus with Pluto and Uranus: Venus signifies all that we personally value, and usually comes down to, in this culture, money — and in a distant second place, human relationships.

See the latest from J.C. Collins:

The SDR Purpose of BRICS

BTW: during this time, Putin, looking remarkably well (you’d think the crashing ruble would unnerve him. Nope!), in his annual Q & A speaks on the ruble and other issues with his usual clarity, and even charity, calling NATO/US his “western partners” despite that they continue to weave and tighten a noose around Russia with weapons designed to take her out.

US/NATO Building “New Berlin Wall” by Expanding Military Footprint: Putin

And just in case you thought you knew what was really going on, try this on for size:

From Skyfall to Spectre: 007 secrets

(And see this, about James Bond author (and alter?) Ian Fleming.)

Oh wow! And what does this mean?

Russia, U.S. to Cooperate on Orion Spacecraft Modernization

We’ve seen this before. We polarize on Earth but cooperate in space. But who’s “we”? If you read the article, you see that it’s a Russian corporation and a U.S. corporation that are cooperating. Do they have the blessings of their respective governments? Or does it matter? Do they ask permission from their governments, or do they dictate governmental policy. And, what’s really going on, cuz you know it’s way different than this p.r. piece.

Googled “Orion spacecraft” and came up with another p.r. piece, this one from NASA.

“Orion” they claim, “will usher in a new era of space exploration,” because designed to take us into deep space, including Mars (where whistleblowers say we’ve had a secret breakaway civilization for decades).

Fingers crossed. Breathing love. I await this brand new year.



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2 Responses to My Birthday, Solstice, Uranus, Venus, Pluto: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED

  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances says:

    Happy Birthday, Ann! Thank you for the astrology info, and good advice. It all came at a serendipitous time. I had just spoken to the universe, declaring my life from here forward to be happy and healthy. I choose these things. Whatever leads me to that, is my goal in life now. I think I’ve punished myself with guilt for long enough. Have a far-out week! peace, mari

  2. rose day says:

    Happy Birthday Ann…yet another year of gifts from you to your readers…we are fortunate!

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