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On this page I link to those who are my friends, or who otherwise interest me. I’ve just begun to list them. If you have a site that you think I might appreciate, please let me know!

Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage: This is a newly formed “urban retrofit” ecovillage of which I am the cofounder.

Transition Bloomington, and the Transition Bloomington ning site, for our local, Bloomington Indiana, Transition initiative. And a non-local site that I’ve just found that moves through the same slipstream, Hope Dance: “celebrating transition, opportunity, and resilience.” “nourishing life, community, family, home.” This is a new blog by my friend Rhonda Baird, a permaculture teacher and weaver who homeschools her children according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. Need I say that the two of us are in sync? my friend and co-conspirator Keith Johnson’s site, the original one that I asked him to set up. Especially for permaculturists who want to know more about ufo world, though not currently very active. “Permaculture Activist is an independent quarterly journal serving the permaculture movement in North America. We aim to provide information useful to people actively working to establish permaculture systems ‘on the ground.'” The publisher, Peter Bane, lives a few miles east of me. The center section of the magazine is devoted to a terrific list of books, DVDs, CDs and other materials for learning and/or appreciating permaculture. Once Peter and his partner, Keith Johnson, moved here, about five years ago, permaculture began to seep into all the interstices of this community. The two-week course is offered for credit at Indiana University every year, and there is now a veritable army of young permaculture graduates itching to get their hands on a piece of land. We need to make sure that they can. nice nature shoots from an old friend in Jackson Hole. Puts me right back there into that wild land. Grateful! Gayle Gregory’s new blog. Lovely. Living with loss. Her way of being with the grieving process after her husband died reminds me of my own. So rare, to allow and treasure the exquisite sensitivity to mystery that grief ushers in. Lovely new (lyrical) (poetic) blog by a 25-year-old Lauren Haffner. ” Like you, I didn’t come with an instruction manual. Sometimes I feel like a late bloomer (who doesn’t love Goldenrods?), but wise sources tell me that, as the dots connect, even the seemingly stray stitches will come together to form a beautiful pattern.” A scrappy community blog out of Mendocino County, CA, where I spent three stoned months in the forest back in the early ’80s. Suggested by Julia, who migrated to Northern California from Bloomington a few months ago. Gillian commented on a post on my blog, so I looked her up. Our paths and outlooks feel parallel, and I bet we’d relish a shared meal sometime. The alarm clock is ringing!. This new site, by Mike V., who has been a regular commentator on exopermaculture, has this to say what you click on About: “I was awakened in April 2011. I’m a lightworker. If you don’t know what that means, you will, very soon. The truth about our world and all that exists in our universe is a story that goes beyond human comprehension. What’s funny is that you already know the story.You just can’t remember it…” An interesting site with a woman after my own heart and a great subtitle: “Metaphysics for a Dissonant World.”

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  1. gcgrann says:

    Hi Ann! Thanks for including me on this great list of links. Indeed, I’m sure we’ll find we have much in common were we to have a chance to meet and chat over a meal or cup of tea. Blessings ‘n blissings. Gillian

    PS Check out this site I heard Rosa yesterday on Alex Jones. She’s fabulous. ~G

  2. Sue says:


    Thanks for the excellent recent links.
    Funny how our brains seem to run along
    similar paths. I’ll be back in a couple of
    days to “catch up” on my “exo” reading.

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