Laura Bruno: On dissolving certainty about CERN

This long, deeply considered post, in the best Laura Bruno fashion, swirls together an enormous number of details into one spiralling cerebration. Really appreciate her critical eye, her immense imagination, and their richly textured synchronization. For example, this paragraph:

Gaia-Sophia-Terra-Mama Earth is rising. Her own frequency continues to increase, and She knows how to self correct. I wonder what would happen if CERN triggered “hive mind” but Earth co-opted any negative agenda, thereby reconnecting humanity’s telluric chakra — the one that connects humans deeply and intimately to our planetary consciousness? What if “hive mind” meant a primary connection to all of life, including each other, through our shared connection to the Divine Consciousness within our planet? Can you imagine how differently people would behave if every decision ran through an Earth filter? If every decision supported Nature? If all the wifi, EMF pollution and TV brainwashing got preempted by Earth Herself?


Statue of Hindu Goddess Nataraj (Shiva) outside CERN. Scaremongers routinely focus on her “destructive” qualities. Laura deepens the conversation.


Alternative Views and Considerations

about CERN

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