LADY GAGA: “Slowly but surely, I remembered who I am.”

How? By learning to say “NO.”

This is amazing! It reminds me of the time when I had just (barely) gotten up the nerve to tell Patrick, my first husband (a brilliant, arrogant, Harvard-trained architect, inventor, and father of my children) that he would have to move out of our apartment. He was stunned. Stupified! What? How dare she!

I guess my inner state must have changed to the point where he couldn’t deny my demand, because he did go, and ended up sleeping on a friend’s couch.

A few weeks later, when Patrick came to pick up the kids for his Saturday visit, he hurled what he thought was an insult, telling me that the friend had said, “SHE HAS BALLS OF STEEL!” He had no idea how much that one fabulous remark helped me through the next difficult weeks and months of his guilt-inducing stares.

This was back in the late ’60s, when we women were just barely coming alive inside unconscious patriarchal domination.

Hard to believe that over 50 years later, the same process is necessary inside each female mind and heart. Especially, in Amerika, for those who have been captured by the entertainment industry and promoted to be “successful.” Lady Gaga had to have been in some way mind-controlled years ago. See:

Another Side of the Music Industry: Monarch Mind Control

And now? Zowie! Lookee here!

My own liberation directly impacted family and friends. Hers could jump start millions.



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