Karl Marx Department: “History repeats itself; first as tragedy, second as farce”

Am I the only one who’s ever noticed that the initials of the United States and the Soviet Union are mirror images: U.S./S.U.?

Thanks to common dreams.org and The Nation.

Tom Engelhardt: America’s Soviet Decline

April 10, 2012

As the Soviet Union neared its end, the government was pouring money into its military, waging a difficult war in Afghanistan, and sinking further into debt. Does that sound anything like the United States today? In this video, TomDispatch.com’s Tom Engelhardt, a Nation Institute Fellow, expands on themes from his new book, The United States of Fear, to draw parallels between the fall of the Soviet Union and the present-day United States. Click here to read Engelhardt’s latest essay from TomDispatch.com.

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