June 10 2021 New Moon also a SOLAR ECLIPSE!

Note: See yesterday’s post.

Geez Ann! You just now remembered? Yes. True. So add the undeniable power of a solar eclipse to the emotional (a solar eclipse heightens emotionality, due to the Moon covering the sun from Earth’s point of view) and mental impacts (eclipse in Gemini) of the stupendous, even overwhelming, and confusing (square Neptune) info flood due to begin tomorrow. Plus gear yourself up for this flood to remain especially strong over the following five days.

Mercury (conjunct the new moon eclipse) moves retrograde during these weeks, so I chalk that up to the fact that I completely forgot until this morning about the solar eclipse aspect of this New Moon!

This eclipse is annular, not full —

— and will impact certain areas of the globe way more than others; in the U.S., areas from the Great Lakes to the Eastern Seaboard (including D.C.) somewhat affected. Check this map for other localities, world-wide.



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