Jon Stewart eviscerates NYT reporter Judith Miller, for her part in the Iraq War

Forget the humor. As he nears the end of his Comedy Central tenure, Stewart takes on former New York Times reporter Miller, now on a “rehab tour” with her new book, The Story: A Reporter’s Journal, for buying and promoting the White House “narrative” that helped to foment and publicize “WMD” justification for the second Iraq War. At the end of four minutes of self-servng blather on her part, he concludes:

“These discussions always make me incredibly sad, because I feel that they point to institutional failure at the highest levels, and no one will take responsibility. They pass the buck to every individual other than themselves.” She responds, passing the buck, of course, to the intelligence agencies and their “intel,” — which, she claims, is now focused on Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and the other countries we have to deal with.” Stewart concludes: “Well, then, hopefully, with the same effort we’ll be able to invade all those countries.”

Also, see Raw Story.

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