Jon Rappoport’s Monsanto Man and Vaccine Woman: Now what?

thStill reading that thick, detailed, awful, courageous, info-packed, searingly transformative book, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, about the “scientific,” “engineering” industry that has been violating natural law by inserting genes from one species into another via a succession of violent, unnatural means — all the while soothingly labeling the practice as “seamlessly” continuous with regular cross-breeding practices. Yessiree! A techno-marvel leading to unintended, unpredictable results in both short and long run.

Can only read 20 or so pages at a time. Astonishing how whatever ethical foundation this country did manage to scrape up after its origin story in the violent genocide and suppression of Native Americans, has been steadily undermined with half-truths, clever deceptions, outright fraud, deliberate omissions, sloppy research and investigation, “workin ‘the system,” revolving doors, bribes, fishy linguistic tricks — on and on, all in the pursuit of money. Makes me want to scream and draw blood. Like these two white hot, lacerating “poems” from Jon Rappoport, a journalist who has been investigating the extreme perfidy of the medico/pharmaceutical/industrial complex for 30 years.

Monsanto Man

Vaccine Woman

What more do we have to lose?

It’s well past time for each of us

to step into our power.

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