JFK speech on secret societies

In case you’re hankering after perspective on now from a haunting voice from the past, listen to this. It was Kennedy’s assasination that tripped my generation out of the ’50s dream world. All of a sudden, Disney transmogrified into film noir and the world brimmed with shadows. Shadows that Kennedy himself spoke of, in this prescient talk to what appears to be a newspaper group. Did what he say seem paranoid to these folks who — should I presume? — were not yet themselves contaminated by the shadowy interests he refers to?

Joy and gratitude! That half a century later, the great heaving mass of humanity is waking up. We rip off the veils of secrecy, the bounds of propriety, the masks of conditioning; deeply, fully alive, we bare our chests, open our pulsing hearts — to each other, to Pachamama, to the cosmos.

Thanks to Zen Gardner, beforeitsnews.com.

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  1. claudia kimball says:

    Don’t we miss him. I like it when he says he has faith in the people when they are informed;
    when he speaks of the Greeks idea that it was a crime to hold back decent. I am astonished
    that he spoke so only about this subject and that we didn’t hear him. I think I’ll listen
    to this again. Thank you. claudia

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