January 23, 2012, begins the Year of the Water Dragon

Today also heralds the New Moon at 2°42 Aquarius, so new beginnings underlined twice! And it leads into tomorrow’s stationary retrograde position of Mars, right on the natal Mars of President Obama and the natal Neptune of the U.S. chart. Ouch! Let us pray that peace will prevail.

This on the Chinese New Year of the Dragon gives a good overview of the window that opened at the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. Do you remember where you were then? I sure do — in a mammoth ceremonial yurt in the Tetons twirling like a dervish at midnight . . . when, suddenly, as an eruption in consciousness, a deep booming inner voice intoning: “You must finish your personal karma by the end of the year.” I knew what it was. And I did it. And it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And it set me on the foundation I still root myself in. Had I not paid attention to the voice, I doubt I would have lived to see this magical year of 2012.

Thanks to Aya for the pointer to markborax.com.

Cosmic Weather Report: 2012, Year of the Water Dragon

January 23, 2012

by Mark Borax

January 23 begins the Year of the Dragon, which supersedes all other animal years in scope and vision, because dragons fly highest, and are the only magical animal of the twelve.
John Lennon, born in a Dragon year, sought a vision that could change history. It wasn’t enough for him to simply produce the best rock band ever – the Dragon in him led him to wield that fame into a platform to end War and create a better future. In June, 1967, faced with creating a song for the first live satellite broadcast around the world, he delivered the message All You Need is Love to 350 million viewers. As the Dragon takes flight this year, each of us is summoned to follow his lead and rise above the mediocrity and complacency of our own lives, and glimpse a magical future beyond.

Since 1967, Summer of Love, and, twenty years later, 1987, the start of the Harmonic Convergence, no year of the last fifty has captured collective imagination prior to its arrival so much as 2012. The significance of this year was first heralded in August of 1987, when Jose Arguelles and other visionaries detected something unique about it.

In 1987, during the post-1960s Reaganistic backlash that set in, it was felt by many that the Revolution had gone belly-up, and was in dire need of resuscitation. The Harmonic Convergence was introduced as a powerful long-term cosmic realignment to bring world culture back into accord with inner truth.

50-Year Reorientation

Although mass media misinterpreted the event to begin and end in the Summer of ’87, the visionary literature of the time portrayed those days as the beginning of a fifty-year cultural reorientation, a cosmic chiropractic adjustment to snap the main frame of world consciousness back in place, and bring humanity into accord with higher dimensions.

August of ’87 was envisioned as the opening sequence of a half-century long Evolutionary Act split into two quarter-century Scenes, with 2012 being the all-important pivot point. Scene One: The Exposure, taking place between 1987 and 2012, was to inform humanity how far off-track we had strayed. True to this prophecy, in recent years it’s become more and more evident that our culture has gone off the rails and is drastically in need of something more than quick fixes and cosmetic solutions, but a sweeping realignment that crosses political and international borders, a rethinking of the whole purpose of humanity.

Scene Two: The Reawakening, from 2012 to 2037, was intended to steer us back on track, by awakening more and more people to the fact that each of us has far more power to turn the world around than we previously believed, and far more celestial assistance.

The Harmonic Convergence was ignited by a rare five-way conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in a tight corner of Leo known as the Galactic Corridor. The most cosmic aspect of the Convergence presented our Milky Way galaxy as one chakra (energy wheel) in the vast body of a Mega-Organism whose chakras are whole galaxies. Leo rules the heart, and our galaxy was envisioned as the Heart Chakra, or feeling center, of this massive organism. Not just Earth, but the whole galaxy, was visualized to be coming into alignment over a fifty-year period, as each of us comes back into alignment with ourselves. This vision reinforced the idea of the 2,000-year Age of Pisces ending, and the beginning of the Aquarian Age, which awakens the higher truth slumbering in mass consciousness.

Opposites Attract: Leo & Aquarius

Leo is the Sign of the Self, which is the opposite and all-important Shadow side of Aquarius. If the Age of Aquarius heralds the oneness of us all, Leo champions the truth of
our individuality. Both are needed more than ever at this pivot point of the ages. Poised on the verge of Aquarius, we can’t merge into oneness until dealing with Self. You can’t
graduate beyond individuality until you find out who you are. Until you claim your own unique creative genius, you can’t transcend your selfhood because you don’t know what it is you’re transcending.

It’s in the hearts of you and I that the Revolution of our time begins. It’s your heart that strives to awaken you to both the great distortions and truths of our time. The greatest distortions of our time are that love can’t happen, goons rule the world, and the future is bleak. The secret truth of our time is that a world-changing spirit force sleeps in the soul of every man, woman and child. Once this force awakens en masse nothing can stop it.

A Revolution in Consciousness

The Sixties began a Revolution in Consciousness, but it’s up to you and me to pick up the torch and invent green paths through the End Time of a dysfunctional civilization. We men must open our hearts, and dismantle the Propaganda Machine of false leaders that ruin the world. We must stand up to corrupt power and expose the fact the emperor has no clothes. We must commit ourselves to seek new forms of power, both inner and outer. Women must gain the courage to follow the truth of their creative dreams through the coming years of rebuilding the world from the ground up, as inventors, pioneers and bridge builders, as leaders to blaze trails from the old that’s dying to the new that’s busy being born.

The world-changing vision we’re in need of now must come from many parts of the globe, young and old, rich and poor. Music, art, poetry, film, dance and writing, as they have done at every major turning point in world civilization, will play a crucial role in blazing trails out of the old into the new. The internet is the supreme mouthpiece of our age, with the power to radiate news of the new everywhere instantly. The stage is set for the greatest turnaround the world has seen – if you can turn around your own doubt and skepticism, and become willing to believe.

It won’t be easy. In 2012 and coming years as old thought forms die and obsolete structures crumble, many people are going to freak out. Outbreaks of panic and pandemonium will ripple through the shared psychic space. But we have many allies. As the old crumbles, new leaders will arise from the ranks of young and old to ensure that our children inherit a living green Earth, rather than a pile of rubble. In this all-important Year of the Dragon, it’s time to move on from the dawning of the Age of Aquarius into the actual age itself, where the awareness of our commonality trumps the deadly obsolete knowledge of our differences.



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