It may be that ebola does NOT, in its later stages, "increase exponentially"

Why? Because

“. . asymptomatic infection contributes to herd immunity and thereby dampens epidemic spread.”

The following article, from The Lancet, assumes that many people at some point in their lives were exposed either to ebola or to others who are immune to ebola and also acquired an immunity to it without ever showing symptoms. This is not out of the question. I am now working with an intuitive healer who works with frequency medicine and homeopathy. She discovered at least 20 different bacteria and as many viruses lodged in my body. All asymptomatic, acquired through exposure at some point, over seven decades. Including lyme disease! Not unusual, no big deal, and all easily released through homeopathy.

I wondered about the source of the article, so I googled it Here’s information The Lancet gives out about itself:

The journal was, and remains, independent, without affiliation to a medical or scientific organisation. More than 180 years later, The Lancet is an independent and authoritative voice in global medicine. We seek to publish high-quality clinical trials that will alter medical practice; our commitment to international health ensures that research and analysis from all regions of the world is widely covered. Critical appraisal of research and reviews is ensured by strong Comment and Correspondence sections; The Lancet’s opinion and personality is communicated by three editorials every week; fast dissemination of priority issues is delivered by online first publication through; and the continued success of our monthly specialty titles ensures that The Lancet delivers in-depth knowledge in key medical disciplines Between our first online publication in 1996 and today, 1.8 million users have registered at

From those few hundred copies in London in 1823, The Lancet’s global reach has extended to the point where today it delivers the latest medical news and clinical research to every country in the world.

This article gives a jolt to the usual perspective and includes possible ramifications.

Via rumormillnews.

Ebola control: effect of asymptomatic infection and acquired immunity

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