Is War Kaput?

I realize that there’s a great ongoing push to take us to war. It’s been precipitating in many ways, indeed, accelerating — for over a year now. For the current iteration, see this, for example.

Paul Craig Roberts: Russia Has Western Enemies, not Partners

Big-Bad-WolfIt’s as if the Big Bad Wolf (the U.S./NATO/Israel) is trying to puff puff puff and blow the world away, and yet, instead, the wind keeps going out of his sails. As if nothing nasty can be sustained, build momentum. As if every scare tactic is just so much fizz, bubbling, then poof, gone!

Steve Beckow has a theory about why this is happening. Though he relies to a great extent on channeled sources, an approach I prefer not to take, I do find his theory interesting, and provocative. Certainly, it’s been obvious for decades now that something has been keeping us from at least accidentally incinerating ourselves with nuclear missiles. I used to think it was “God.” Now I see it as other, less adolescent, obviously more conscious beings in the universe (we tend to call them “aliens”) who’d rather we NOT contaminate our local solar system and beyond.

In any case, you might want to check this out:

The Days of Military Conquest Are Over



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