Is this culture beginning to release its fear of death?

Two days ago I posted the story of a 29-year-old woman with terminal brain cancer who is planning her own death for a certain day and not afraid to talk about it to People magazine.

How do we die? One young woman points the way.

Yesterday, one of my housemates, Katarina, who works with the elderly, forwarded me a piece from the Atlantic, a man who is also planning his death, not because he has brain cancer, but because he figures by the time he’s 75 his major accomplishments will be over.

Why I hope to die at 75

Later, yesterday, my sister Katherine forwarded me a url which, she commented, “is right up your alley.”

The Order of the Good Death

Wow! Thanks, Kath! Exactly.

Check it out, this emerging natural deathing movement that parallels — and, one might say, completes — the natural birthing movement at least some of us have enjoyed for the past 50 years. It’s about time that we release our fear of death — so that we may fully live!

Who knows? Maybe this “ebola” scare is to help us come face to face with our own mortality like nothing else could, except of course, if we were like people elsewhere in the world, which have to endure American bombs and drones and and spies and banksters and corporatized armies in the night. Oh wait a minute! That nightmare might be coming here, too! What are those FEMA camps for? The coffins, the trains with shackles, the supposed guillotines?

Closer to home, a sweet man whom I have gotten to know only in the past six months suddenly passed from a heart attack this very afternoon. He lived two doors down, and was newly active in our Green Acres Neighborhood Association. Dear Richard, may your spirit fly to where you are also loved on the other side of the veil.

Whatever we are afraid of — materializes, and clings.

Let go of the fear of death, and the world opens.

Once we are free of the fear of death, everything changes, and I mean EVERYTHING. I know. From personal experience. Nor am I alone in this knowing.


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  1. I am not afraid of death. I’m not happy with possibly being at the mercy of an unhealthy societal, legal and health care system. I’m also determined to, if I’m cognizant and able, choose my death under certain personal circumstances. I understand the laws are woefully inadequate, to say the least, in honoring that death can be a personal choice. Even in Oregon there are strict rules/protocol. At least it’s something. I consider as part of my “death plan” that I would relocate if necessary. I feel like I am on a life continuum, and trust the “universe” to recycle me how it needs to. It all works together – life and death. Just as we compost our gardens, we will also be “composted” back into life. In death is life. That reality is as old as the hills. I will live my life. I will die. There’s no end, it continues on: life-death-life.

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