Is the New, Massive U.S. Push for A Wider, Prolonged War Flushing ET Disclosure to the Surface?

Might it be that, given headlines like this one,

The March to War: Fighting ISIL is a Smokescreen for US Mobilization against Syria, Iran

some faction of hidden power is pushing for ET Disclosure before another faction can ignite World War III? The PTB tried, and apparently failed, in Ukraine, to turn Putin into the bogey-man; but the Mideast? The U.S./Israeli complex has created so many hot spots there, that ISIS, or Khorasan, or whatever else they want to call their latest tailor-made bogey-man, drums up plenty of business for the Military Industrial Complex.

For the crying need for Disclosure, watch this, from the Secret Space Conference earlier this year. The final two minutes of this clip could just as well refer to what’s happening NOW in the Mideast.

Then, pay attention to a new piece, just out, from Veterans Today, now making the rounds of the alt news. Yep, it’s all one nasty ball of wax. Aliens, Illuminati, and Endless War go hand in hand. Compared to this type of massive overview, 9/11 truth seems paltry. So if you can’t absorb and integrate that, don’t even bother to open further to this. It’s too much. It’s all just too much for those among us who still think life will some day return to “normal.”

Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned

The Coming Exposure, Containment, and Deconstruction of the Illuminati

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1 Response to Is the New, Massive U.S. Push for A Wider, Prolonged War Flushing ET Disclosure to the Surface?

  1. richbuckley7 says:

    These masters strive to wage constant wars of hegemonic financial expansion creating demand for their dollars by sustaining the notion of the one “safe haven”, our Western banks. We don’t need these type of bankers to live a happy, healthy, productive loving life. We are taught to believe in, or at least accept this negative cycle at every level, as a form of duty and patriotism. The unacceptable end game for this cabal is 4/5ths human annihilation implemented through a game of ever concentrated fear, death, and war, I win-you lose, top-down controls, seeing the end of liberties and personal freedoms.

    It’s a cycle of collusion we can peacefully break with inner courage.

    Where can we start in order to break away from the cabal? We can rise above this current state of affairs. We still hold the great gift of free will within us. There are many entry points for us to start a peaceful offense against the great collusion and negative cycle. They are all valid entry points. In the public domain, the entry point that I currently see as the most efficient, is to simply issue US Treasury-direct dollars and call in all Federal Reserve Note Dollars as our US Constitution directs, and as former US Presidents had intended (such as planned with President Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 for example and President Reagan’s similar project, stopped by President HW Bush).

    By issuing Treasury Direct dollars we de-link from the wanton control of the Federal Reserve. Such a de-linking starts a new virtuous cycle that rapidly cascades positively into all others segments of our lives, globally. The howls of protest will seem deafening as we start to de-link.

    The words of Norman Cousins’ in his book, “The Pathology of Power” seem applicable for our consideration in this brave effort:
    “If there is a conflict between the security of a sovereign state and the security of the human common wealth, the human commonwealth comes first.
    “If there is a conflict between the well being of the nation and the well being of mankind, the well being of mankind comes first.
    “If there is a conflict between the needs of this generation and the needs of later generations, the needs of the later generation comes first.
    “If there is a conflict between the rights of a state and the rights of man, the rights of man comes first. …. The state safeguards it’s existence only as it serves and safeguards the rights of man.
    “If the is a conflict between public edict and private conscience the rights of private conscience comes first…
    “If there is a conflict between the easy drift of prosperity and the ordeal of peace, … the ordeal of peace comes first.”

    It seems as though it is well past the time to face our own inner personal ordeal of peace. De-link from the Federal Reserve. Start the virtuous cycle.

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