I recalibrate my shift

Yesterday, I said that part of the change I’m going through would result in me letting go of some redundancy. Rather than actually reposting stories that other bloggers with whom I feel aligned also choose to repost, I will simply refer the reader to those URLs.

I thought I would do this post by post, as a list: “Today’s Breaking News” in the right hand column of the website. However, a number of people have contacted me to say that what they like best about this website is the personal slant that I put on the stories I repost. That this is what makes it so interesting.

Thanks for your feedback! I needed it. I feared that my personal commentary might be just self-indulgence.

Your feedback helps me to understand how I’m actually serving as I follow the prompts of my own inner nature; and it helps me to recognize that another way of accomplishing the same result would be to do what I did yesterday, compile the stories that I find interesting into a single post with URLs and my personal comments on why I find each of them worthwhile.

This single adjustment will free up time and energy for my work as a local activist (Green Acres Neighborhood Garden and Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage), while opening more breathing room for my own original posts; and, rather than losing the heartbeat of this website, I will continue to present a personal slant on the (multidimensional) illusion we have been programmed to call “reality.”

Meanwhile, I did put up the five blogs that I find most “spherical,” (so far!) on the right hand side of this blog so that you can go to any of them for more current stories.

I think that what’s most important is that we remember that each of us stands in the exact center of the universe. That we are like fountains, white holes, the energy of the universe coursing through us in all directions, expanding forever. This is what I mean by spherical consciousness. When we make this shift, we let go of needing to believe or disbelieve anything. It’s all real and unreal, it’s all interesting and not, and it’s all food to stimulate growth in consciousness.

Rather than needing to “believe” in anything, we pulse love and awareness into the energetic field that holds us all in oneness. And in so doing, we partner with other points in multidimensional space to clear and release old “belief systems” that have served as walls between the conscious and the unconscious, between self and other, between self and nature, between self and the cosmos.

Let the oneness begin!

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  1. Gail Hale says:

    great ideas…you are an inspiration!

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