Hey, guess what? Are we surprised? LAPD drill day before Santa Monica shooting

APTOPIX Santa Monica ShootingIn a dreary, mind-numbing repeat scenario, we learn that the day before the June 7th Santa Monica shooting — by a young white man with “mental problems” and clanking destructive gear, a foreign sounding name, “Zawahri” (omg, Muslim?), etc. etc. — there was a terrorist drill next door, in Los Angeles. Off the cuff, I’d call this another mind-controlled stooge set to detonate in yet another place presumed “safe” in order to further instill terror and fear and ultimately, abject, blind obedience to gradually increasing controls over an otherwise restive populace in the national security state.

So glad these near-continuous “terrorist” incidents are being seen for what they are almost immediately by all those internet sleuths out there who have learned, the hard way, to refuse to believe anything “the authorities” say about what’s real and what not.

Here, for example, is the beginning of a long thread in godlikeproductions. An interesting, if complex, analysis of what may have gone down there. True? Wow!

SANTA MONICA SHOOTING (Echo): Wanna Know How They Pulled It Off?

It took a while for me to figure out exactly how they could of pulled this false flag off (and yes it is 100% a false flag). Right away the story seemed very “staged” due to the fact that it is basically a combination of different aspects of recent terror events (Aurora, Dorner, Sandy Hook, Boston) scripts (MSELs) which peaked my initial attention. After looking into the event a little more, I think I know exactly how they pulled this off…

I am going to try to simplify this as much as possible and just give the general outline for now. The perceptive people will fully understand the jist of my theory. I will likely add more details/specifics as time allows and more details become available.

Side Note: Right now my theory is based on the idea that the 7 people the official script says died… did in fact die… this may or may not be true but until I can prove otherwise I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and go with the idea that 7 people did in fact die during this event.

Santa Monica Shooting Breakdown:
This “event” actually starts off a day before the shooting takes place (June 6, 2013… 666). A large scale terrorism drill is being held in LA as most people on this forum are likely already aware of (you can look into the details of this yourself if you are not aware of it).
[link to www.nydailynews.com]

What they may not be aware of is the bait & switch (echo) that was performed the following day in Santa Monica. Here is the quick jist on how this HSEEP operation was done.

On June 6 2013, John Zawahri plays the role of one of the “mock” active shooters in various aspects of the LA terrorism drill. John plays all his requested roles throughout the day seemingly without any issues. Once the drill is complete they ask him if he would like to assist them in another similar drill the following day (in Santa Monica… a drill which doesn’t actually exist). He agrees to take part thinking it will be the same situation as LA (just a drill). The following morning they go to his house and pick him up and bring him to the “drill” starting location (a residence) and explain the script (MSEL) to him for his role that day (which is a 2 shooter scenario). They dress him up in his “drill” attire (combat police gear) and give him a fake gun (M16) with blanks to follow “drill” protocol before giving him a breakdown of the order of events.

The “drill” scenario is 2 shooters starting from 2 separate location (their “mock” residences) kill their “mock” families (in a pre-planned and calculated attack) before leaving their locations (armed to the teeth), each taking a different pathing (via carjacking) to the desired location (with multiple overlapping “dynamic” injects throw in the mix along the way such as the 2 bus shootings). The “drill” is to wrap up with both suspects arriving at the same final destination (Santa Monica College) both entering from different entrances (South & East), which eventually result in a standoff (in the Library) with police where both suspects are eventually shot and killed after they start randomly executing hostages.

John Zawahri at this point has no idea wtf is about to go down… he just did something similar the day before without a single issue… but this time it will be different.

John it taken to a nearby residence (not his own) as the “start point” for this “mock event”. The drill starts and John Zawahri pretends to kill the “mock” family members in the chosen residence before heading outside to follow the rest of the drill script… meanwhile, while he is doing that the 2nd “drill” suspect is at John’s actual house to start his “drill” script… the difference is everything the 2nd suspect does is going to be 100% real (Suspect 2 is the only needed controlled aspect of the entire event… and is the echo)… The 2nd suspect (dressed identical to John) enters Johns residence and kills both Johns father & brother (for real) before setting a fire and leaving the residence… The event(s) then go on as John continues to play out the “drill” script using his “mock” weapons, while suspect 2 mirrors the events close by with a real version which closely match each aspect (I refer to this as an echo… see the bottom of this post for previous event posts that describe the “echo” concept it more detail).

OK so fast forward to the college… When John is near the college they signal Suspect 2 (via inject) to make the “official entrance” crash the car near the college library. During this time John enters the College library from his scripted entrance point which is the south entrance (a lot of people see him but not as many as suspect 2 via the other entrance), while suspect 2 enters the college library through the east entrance (causing a scene to become the focal point).

Suspect 1 (John) entrance point (south): [link to maps.google.ca]
Suspect 2 (Controlled) entrance point (east): [link to maps.google.ca]

John is told to simply ignore people and walk directly into the library (which is why there are eyewitness accounts of the killer simply ignoring people and walking past them… that was John) for the scripted bunker-down hostage scenario between the 2 suspects & the cops via the drill MSEL. Suspect 2 on the other hand acts like the killer would, crashing a stolen car near the college, and then running into the school library shooting people with real bullets, and pushing them around entering via the “official” entry point. Once inside the library suspect 2 shoots another person which clears the room by forcing all the students out of the library in a panic (creating a controllable environment with just him and John in the room). At this point in time suspect 2 simply shoots John dead on the spot (and then switches guns with him to end up with a standard issue M16, leaving him the M15 responsible for all the deaths), and then simply transforms into his active police response role and falls into the first responding police arriving on scene to find the “dead suspect”. A 2nd suspect (the asian guy) is then taken into custody (temporarily) after the fact, which is used to erase the 2nd suspect (echo) from existence, leaving only a real trail of chaos from Johns house, to his dead body in the college library leaving very little questions from the average sheeple on how the event took place (all John’s fake aspects are overwritten via a real echo).

Oh and here is a little nugget to get your brain thinking.
Suspect: Suspect 1 – John Zawahri
City: Los Angeles
Location: Unknown (locals this is your job… find out where this is…)
Date: 6/6/2013 (666) (the day before the shooting)
Event Type: Terrorism Drill (official)
Weapon: Mock M15
[link to assets.nydailynews.com]
*This image is of John Zawahri but is NOT taken at the Santa Monica College library and is not taken on the day of the shootings.

Suspect: Suspect 2 – Controlled Insider
City: Santa Monica
Location: Santa Monica College Library (East Entrance)
Date: 6/7/2013
Event Type: Drill Echo (unofficial)
Weapon: Real M15
[link to a.abcnews.com]
*This image is of Suspect 2 echoing aspects of John’s drill role the day prior so that both images appear to be at the same location, of the same suspect, and of the same event (which they are not).

Side note: You can do your own analysis of the 2 images for now but it is quite obvious they are images taken at 2 very different locations (there are a lot of differences that make it very obvious if you take the time to look).

Anyways as I said I will likely add more details shortly when I get time, or as more details become available. Hopefully this thread will get some attention early so people can understand wtf this event is (a False flag) and how they pulled if off (echoes) while it is still fresh in the sheeples minds.

Here are a few of my previous threads which give similar breakdowns of some of the past event and further explain the echo method (HSEEP) and how it is used (this echo concept is used in ALL of these events… they are following a literal HSEEP template guys…

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