Guest Post: About those strange cloud tracks . . .

Update: If you’ll note in the comments below, Mike V. couldn’t get my photos to show up on his computer. And of course, with this particular post, the photos are everything!

This frustrating situation helped spur Mike to create a blogsite of his own to show them and of course, much else! See Meanwhile, I discovered that his photos didn’t show up on his site on my computer . . . Rich Buckley had the same problem with my site, and not with the new one that Mike set up. So it goes! One way or the other, on his site or on this one, those photos will probably show up for you. And they’re worth looking at, and comparing with the ones I put up. I’ve never seen this kind of anomaly documented in two places, nearly a year a part.

Mike V., who lives in Georgia, has graciously consented to write the following post, after I received this information from him personally. What he said made me wonder if the far-off “plane” that I saw laying the white trail down exactly next to and parallel the parted cloud formation was a UFO. I only glanced at it at the time. Mike assumes the kinds of formations we have both witnessed are made by UFOs cleaning up our skies. If so, bless them! And thanks, Mike!

Department of Very Recent Anomalies 2

March 24, 2012

by Mike V.

Last summer, in June, my teenage kids and I were minding our own business; me working in the yard and they goofing off while I worked in the yard. (Why is this typical?)

We watch the skies closely when we’re outside because we know UFOs are real. The term “UFO” is bothersome to us, so we call them what they are-space craft. “UFO” is a lousy way to characterize the ships that our families zoom around in, if you ask me.

Anyway, my son noticed some pathways carved through overhead clouds. They looked rather peculiar, so he grabbed his digital camera and started shooting. See the pictures below. The anomalies are very much like Ann’s recent photos that she shot while walking her dog.

Inline image 1

Inline image 4

Inline image 5

Inline image 6

These pathways were quite interesting and as we stood there wondering just how in hell they were being formed, the answer flew right into view. See the pictures below.

Inline image 7

Inline image 8

Inline image 9

Space craft! Right overhead! My adrenalin surged and I started screaming like an idiot for my son to get some video and stills. Naturally, this was one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened to us. We stood there in awe as the craft cut through clouds making those pathways and then watched as it flew around in clear sky. It made angled turns, loops and was in no particular hurry to disappear. The whole sighting lasted a good five minutes. Even had a neighbor come over and when we pointed it out to him, he said “oh, that’s nice,” then went back to his living room to finish watching a NASCAR race. I think the space craft could’ve landed in his front yard and as long as it didn’t leave any marks in his grass, he’d keep watching TV.

The craft was cleaning up some chemtrails. It’s nice to have friends in high places. Don’t know about anyone else, but we’re ready for disclosure.

Be at peace,

Mike V.

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9 Responses to Guest Post: About those strange cloud tracks . . .

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    According to the new John Kettler ET/ED blogging phenomenon, introduced by Kerry Cassidy and referenced (I think) by Ann, there exists an atmospheric-chemtrail clean-up process being conducted by the ET/ED’s. Kettler says there is a “dimensional problem” that all too often interferes with the clean-up. He describes the “dimensional problem” as an act completed successfully in one dimension that targets and is supposed to manifest in our dimension, doesn’t always work and chemtrail clearing is one such “problem”.

    As for the neighbor, there is this complex possibility that Mike V is psychically prepared to see Cortez’s Fleet of sailing ships anchored in the harbor while the neighbor’s consciousness edits out the experience for a number of reasons. There may well be in our 3D dimension, a threshold collective consciousness of inner psychic readiness our entire specie may have to first attain to enable stablized manifestations of desired outcomes, like say, chemtrail clearing.

    The neighbor reflects a humorous truth perhaps.

    Perhaps the next time you view a similar event over his house, if you ask your neighbor does he see it too, he will have by that time, unconsciously completed processing the first experience and hold a much greater level or sharing with you….or, and this could be the real danger, he pulls you into his hypnotically patterned world of watching the remnant still-evolving American mythology rooted in anti-government booze running heroes struggling against the evil supressors of our liberty under unworkable Prohibition Laws that only the fastest driver can conquer, for the unquestionable satisfaction of saving the community rewarded with the obvious prize of winning the girl.

    Why worry about saving the whole freaking world when instead you can participate in the immediate tangible rewards of saving the community and get the girl? Nothing focus’s us better than being out of booze:

    Your neighbor is deep into our much stronger myth: survive, liberty, bootleg, self-reliance, out fox evil suppressors, save the community, get the girl…. which one would you choose given the choice? The abstract notion of saving the world with its requisite abstract sense of love, or saving the immediate community of your like-minded friends, get the girl, and live out the tangible fantasy of indulging her direct eros which she places gently upon the warm palm of your trimbling hand…so to speak. I bet if you look inside your neighbor’s t.v. room his wife is part of the race track background rewarding him with nuanced errotic signals of benefits available to such heroes as he.

    I suspect we are all probably closer attuned to the 1965 Hollywood version of “The Hallelujah Trail ”

    … in saving the City of Denver from the obvious, horrible fate of being out of booze and risking life and limb as civic minded noble knights represented by The Denver Militia, in a goal who’s attainment is beyond question….

    A fun question to ask yourself, if you had to pick one character in the movie that you relate to the most, which one would it be, and why?


  2. Rich Buckley says:

    This tells a lot about myself I think. The guy “I would like to relate to most” my personal hero in the movie, I felt he should have received a supporting actor Academy Award, was Donald Plesasance. His presentation of the character “Oracle Jones” was sublime. (this link should work better than the broken one above)

    But truth will out, if the true me is not buried somewhere in the nameless pack of fools that comprise the Denver all volunteer Militia, composed of local heaving drinking Denver gold miners, grabbing their guns and fearlessly following Oracle … because they “know” Oracle’s track record of reliability…., then I am the faceless voice of the humorous narrator who speaks with dead-pan seriousness throughout the movie… a double whammy of hilarity that rolls me off the couch because it somehow strikes too close to reality to be ignored.

  3. Rich Buckley says:

    And I have no idea how I actually embedded a YouTube video magically into this site without having or using embbeding codes….Hallelujah! It’s a miracle!

  4. mike0v says:

    The photos didn’t show up in this post.
    I started a blog, so if anyone wants to see them, go to

  5. Rich Buckley says:


    Mike’s photos are my computer are defaulting as “no shows” with a small icon box about 1/4″ by 2″ indicating somethings wrong and they do not display.

  6. It gets even weirder. When I got to your new site, Mike,, to see this post, your photos don’t show up on my computer . . .

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