Note: even though the sun is not so consistent in Indiana, I put solar systems on the roof of one house for both houses here, 16 panels each, for a total of 32. That’s about 75% of the energy needed for six people. We hope to make up the difference by becoming more conscious of our use.


• From Ecobuddhism:

California’s urban areas can generate more than enough energy to power the whole state

• From ecowatch:

Al Gore Teams Up with Tea Party to Fight for Rooftop Solar

• Perspective, from

4 surprising reasons why clean energy is gaining on fossil fuels

• Analysis and prediction: from the Worldwatch Institute:

Renewable Energy at the Tipping Point

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  1. Solar is great when you can take ownership of your own system, rather than finance/rent it from financial entanglements (entailing formerly called power purchase agreements) prearranged between installers and financial institutions. Being able to have ownership of your own SRECS (Solar renewable energy credits) is also beneficial. Return on investment requires a careful look at all financial factors in a spreadsheet illustration. This is how solar used to be sold and communicated to potential clients 10 yrs ago. Not so familiar with the mechanics of this sales process today. Contracts/legal documents should be reviewed judiciously, even by a lawyer, for today’s solar. Recently, a father w/ legal retainer reviewed contents of his daughter’s solar contract in Connecticut. He found some alarmingly restricting stipulations surrounding contingencies of sale of home with solar attached. ROI + mechanics of solar sales have changed like the seasons over many year. Sure solar in concept is the right thing to do but big banking, big legal and big energy all have their hands in the pot now. Heads up. Make the effort to understand how any restrictions/liabilities may fall on the purchasers. Not all sunshine and daisies.

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