Good News: Obama launches Solar Energy Job Program for 50,000 Veterans

Okay, okay, it’s probably politically timed for the mid-term election. So what? It’s still good news. And let’s make sure that the solar projects these vets end up installing are small, local, and everywhere, rather than centralized corporate behemoths that cover deserts, require long-distance transmission, and refill the same old top-down corporate structure with new content.

I.e., not this:



But this:


Just took this photo of the front of the DeKist house, next to mine, with colorful “ecowarriors” sticking to the front wall, the beginnings of fruit and nut bearing bushes, a new asparagus bed next to the road, and a solar installation that works for both houses on the roof: 32 panels; 16 for each house, about 75% of current electric usage. We aim to get that down.

In One Fell Swoop, Obama Announces Solar Jobs for 50,000 Veterans and Takes On Climate Change

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  1. Susan McElroy says:

    Let’s do solar roads!

  2. Mari Braveheart-Dances says:

    Thank you for giving me so much joy, and education, and for the opportunity to show people that this is what can be accomplished. I look forward to carrying some spirit of this into my own life and community. Love your story and am grateful for your sharings.

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