Good News: Monsanto’s cotton seed license revoked in one large state in India

Does this set a closely watched precedent?

Thanks to Ingrid for the pointer.

Maharashtra State Revokes Monsanto’s Cotton Seed License

August 9, 2012

Environment News Service (


But now, all trade activities of Mahyco Monsanto Biotech are illegal in Maharashtra.

If there is any violation of the government’s orders, there will be criminal action taken against Myhyco Monsanto, the Director of Inputs and Quality Control Dr. Sudam Adsule said in Pune today, as he announced the license cancellation.

“If the company challenges the order,” said Dr. Adsule, “we have already moved in Mumbai and Aurangabad high court benches. We have given fair chance to the company and all charges of unfair trade practices have been proved. Hence, under the existing cotton seed act we have taken action and it can’t be revoked.”

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