The word “essay” comes from the French essayer: “to try or attempt” (to understand). Even when seemingly surefooted and clear, my writings are but posits in infinity. Here are links to a few of the essays that I have written within the past few years. Others are archived on the Tendre Press website.

NEW!Final Column for Crone Magazine (2012): In which I tell, in gory detail, the evolutionary journey of the original Crone Chronicles magazine and its successor, Crone Magazine, from 1989 through 2012. How to excavate an archetype that has been buried and/or ridiculed for 2000 years? That was the challenge we faced.

A Discourse on Love (2007). If I never write another essay, this one stands alone as the history of my evolutionary journey through life. Unpublished. Not very many people can read it. “This essay is driven by an effort to understand and describe the door that can open when we move through the bitterness that attends our discovery of the heart’s terrible longing.”

How I Stopped Smoking (for what it’s worth) (2011). This essay describes probably the most important juncture in my life up until that point, and still stands as the moment of which I am most proud! A shortened version of it was published in Branches Magazine. “At the heart of my tale is the heartening news that there do seem to be moments when light suddenly, inexplicably, cracks through the thick walls of our old, stuck habit patterns. These moments of grace feel miraculous, undeserved; and yet, when we look back, we recognize that we have been, consciously or not, preparing ourselves all along.”

Waking Up During Insomnia (2010). Published in Sagewoman Magazine. “As a long-time “awareness practitioner,” within the past year I’ve developed the capacity to actually notice, i.e., consciously witness, my mental and/or physical state during or immediately following the moment when I snap awake at night.”

Introduction to Astrology: A Philosophical Primer (2010). This is the introduction that I used to present to each new client in person. Now I just refer each person to it, asking them to read it prior to a first reading with me, since it situates us both in the same world-view. Think of this essay as an evolutionary approach to “what it all means,” with widening cycles of influence/understanding imprinting us in more and more expansive frameworks of reference as we hurtle through the trajectory of one lifetime.

Meeting Sekhmet (1997). This essay has just been featured in a new book, When the Lion Roars: A Devotional to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, compiled by Galina Krasskova. First published in Crone Chronicles, the essay documents the story of my astonishing encounter with a statue of the goddess Sekhmet in a tiny temple near Karnak, Egypt, and how the encounter wiped out lifetime programming that had crippled my emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence.

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  1. Peter says:

    I found your discourse on love here:

    It was not available by clicking the above link.

    I opine that you should make it more easily available.

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