Engdahl: In Russia, it’s Payback Time for U.S. Neo-Con Arrogance

I’ve discovered that Engdahl’s geopolitical analysis and perspective are always worth reading. And, BTW: Russia’s refusal of GMOs on the world’s largest, still largely pristine landmass, is a huge heads’ up to Monsanto and Big Ag, which, of course, is now trying to grab the Ukraine, after the usual predatory Shock Doctrine policy of ruin first, then take over.

Sanctions and the Birth of the New Russia

July 25, 2015

by E. William Engdahl


deb945-300x162I want to share my impressions from a recent visit to St. Petersburg where I was invited to speak on a panel titled “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste.” The title is another version of the old Chinese proverb, “A crisis also presents new opportunities.” This is what is emerging today in the Russian Federation and radiating outwards across the broad expanse of Eurasia and into all Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

For want of a better term, I will call what is developing a New World Ordering. This is to differentiate it from George H.W. Bush’s US-dominated New World Order, proclaimed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in a speech on September 11, 1990 to the US Congress, where he declared, “Out of these troubled times, our…objective – a New World Order – can emerge…”

Today it is clear that the New World Order of Bush was intended to take unscrupulous advantage of the disorder following the end of the Soviet Union to forge a unipolar world where one tiny group would dictate to the entire world its terms of existence. Pursuit of that has been the sole aim of the US foreign policy and their wars, fear campaigns, under three US presidents over the past quarter century since the end of the Soviet Union. It motivates the US-instigated civil war in Ukraine, in Syria, against China in the East China Sea, US covert backing for ISIS. It drives the US economic sanctions against Russia, sanctions which Washington has arm-twisted the EU into supporting, much to the detriment of the EU and their economies.

What I witnessed not only in St. Petersburg but also in other recent visits to Russia is something I can only call extraordinary. Rather that cower in terror at the endless barrage of attacks and economic and financial sanctions thrown at her, Russia and her leadership are becoming more confident and, crucially, more self-reliant and aggressive in a positive way as never before. Some examples will illustrate.


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