Ebola HOAX (?) Benefits the Globalists

This video claims that “they” use black-man-in-green-shirt, mind-control programming to get you to the point where you take the vaccine.

Frankly, aside from his “black man in (usually lime-) green shirt” (including, at one point, what appears to be lime-green champagne!) evidence, I did not find this particular video convincing one way or another. Possible photoshopping and out-of-context shots plus endless streams of invective — and that’s about it!

Via jhaines6

What I do appreciate however, is the idea that any pandemic (real or imagined) plays right into the hands of those who would rule the world by manipulating collective F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) into a global police state via martial law, forced vaccinations, and, in this case, economic collapse supposedly “caused” by the pandemic. “They” sure don’t want to take the blame for collapse. Let “nature” (as in “diseases are part of nature”) take the blame. (But of course, this particular disease may have been engineered.)

An excellent article.

Ebola Outbreak Would Be Advantageous to the Globalists


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  1. bumpercrop says:

    My intuition tells me the ebola scare is a total psy-op. Perhaps it is bit by bit the cabal is psyching people up to accept a major event which will necessitate governmental intervention. The thing about waking people up, its difficult, but I don’t back down anymore. I figure the ignorant don’t mind pushing their superficial banalities on me, why not go for broke. “Did you notice the chemtrails today? We are really getting sprayed today!” Today I spoke with 2 people at random places. who were totally awake. How refreshing. I think our numbers are growing. Don’t just speak with your friends and families, branch out, be bold. It beats discussing what kind of hair shampoo one uses.
    Mark Passio speaks about the difference between nescience, and ignorance. Nescience means not being aware of information. Ignorance is deliberately ignore ing information, once one becomes aware.
    I have said it before. There will be a price for consciously choosing to remain ignorant. All those who fight, degrade, and
    deride the “conspiracy theorists” will one day be caught in a haze, on so many levels.

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