Ebola: Diamonds, Gold — and the famous Nurse

A friend of mine, who used to work in Hollywood as a movie actress — and is decidedly non-political, and no conspiracy theorist, don’t know if she’s ever heard of “crisis actors” — nevertheless she brought up the subject of the nurse who works for the CDC and successfully resisted her quarantine. Said to me: “I don’t know . . . it just feels like she’s acting.” I watched yesterday’s video where Kaci Hickox talked to the press and was amazed at her self-assurance, her ease with the whole process of having the national spotlight shining on her, how deftly she reframes the conversation to her guidelines, not theirs. Huh? Just THAT, to me, doesn’t compute.

And of course, there’s the connection to Earth’s resources that Empire wants, and will do WHATEVER, to get.

EBOLA, Diamonds and Gold

October 31, 2014

by “Concerned Citizen”


The countries hardest hit with Ebola…..Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, all have very rich deposits of diamonds, gold, oil, titanium, and platinum…and they also have a history of corrupt factions trying to get their hands on these resources. It’s interesting that Ebola is basically confined to these countries in Africa. If Ebola was as contagious as the alternative media controlled opposition wants us to believe…then why hasn’t Ebola spread all across Africa?

Another point I would like to make is…..that I am sure that doctors in these countries are not stupid…and they have been dealing with this disease for quite some time …so…shouldn’t they be fairly familiar with the safety precautions by now? If there is no treatment for Ebola then why are people from the U.S over there treating them…with what? If our people are doing such a good job of treating patients over there…then why did they have to bring reportedly sick patients over to the U.S? My thought is that the eventual goal may be to frighten us enough over here to get us to start demanding total quarantine in those countries and not to allow any travel to and from… except for allowed officials. It would also serve to get people used to forced quarantine over here. It is much easier for governments to accomplish their goals when they have the support of the people. If U.S citizens are frightened enough by this Ebola media bombardment…then they most likely will scream loud for quarantine which may be just what those in power want us to do. If this happens we should all highly suspect that the U.N, the U.S (USAID), WHO and whomever else…….are there to basically take control of this area which is so rich in valuable natural resources. Can’t get much more valuable than diamonds, gold, and oil.

USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is sending their workers over to these countries in Africa. What exactly is their role? Below the USAID logo is a video which discusses what appears to be one of USAID’s roles. Also…check out their logo which looks like it has a Masonic hand grip in the center. I am not sure about this but I know there are others out there who are more educated in this area.


I have been observing the alternative media and it appears that much of it is conditioning us to think that “they” are trying to kill us over here with Ebola. Of course I can’t be sure but after trying to analyze this whole Ebola media blitz…this is what it looks like to me. The supposed Ebola patients were perhaps brought over here to begin the script of a contagious deadly illness that will spread across the country….UNLESS we further quarantine these African countries which are so rich in resources. The nurse who supposedly wants to sue the government for quarantining her unnecessarily…may be a set up story which could serve to divide the people. People who believe in individual rights will be on her side and those who feel we must have stricter laws for “the good of the whole” will battle each other instead of looking to see what is really going on. I believe it is about division, distraction, and resource grabbing. According to www.publicrecords.com the nurse, Kaci Hickox, works for the CDC and CPM Development. Interesting.

I’m wondering that…. if Ebola is currently real over there in the hard hit countries… then is this strain of it really contagious or was it given to the population through vaccines and could it be why this virus ,which is reported to be deadly and highly contagious, is not spreading to other countries in Africa? There are many questions and we need to step back from the alternative media and the mainstream media to be able to think of all scenarios….before we end up begging for the very solution or goal that TPTB had in mind to begin with.

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  1. queenvictrola says:

    This is spot on asking all the right questions. “Whomever else” might also include the CDC, which Alfred Webre proclaims is a “proprietary corporation” of the CIA. Hmmm. This is alleged vetted info. So, should we now throw in the CDC with the UN and WHO? What else should we have come to expect? It sounds like the usual culprits to me. Great article!

  2. laurabruno says:

    Did you happen to see that the CDC nurse who resisted quarantine was trained as an intelligence officer? http://www.naturalnews.com/047444_ebola_quarantine_kaci_hickox_intelligence_officer.html

    If that was mentioned in this article, I didn’t see it and I can’t watch the videos at the moment. Sorry if it’s repeat info.

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