Droughts due to Peak Water? Maybe not.


I glanced at several posts in a row the other day on the Jean Haines site, all claiming that the water shortage in California is a hoax, that there’s plenty of water, that the earth is always making water. Didn’t think much about it. Didn’t bother to read them or watch the videos. But then I got to wondering: hmmm . . . what about something I’ve always noticed, those fresh flowing springs at or near the tops of mountains? How is that possible?

So I googled “primary water,” and came upon the video below, which I found, frankly, riveting.

Pal_3According to long-time dowsing expert Pal Pauer, here interviewed by Deborah Tavares: there are two water cycles, primary and secondary, and we are only familiar with one of them, the secondary cycle, which works through atmospheric evaporation to supply surface water (runoff) and ground water (aquifers). Primary water, however, is formed from the elements hydrogen and oxygen deep within the hot mantle of the earth, as steam, which then rises through fissures towards the surface, cooling into liquid — some of which surfaces as springs, onto the surface, or into lakes, rivers, oceans, and aquifers — plus venting as steam in hot springs and volcanic eruptions. Well worth watching the entire video which explains the two hydrologic cycles represented on the above map.

Bauer: “The whole planet underneath is very much alive.”

Pauer’s website:


Here’s an article that links so-called “Peak Water” to the designs of Agenda 21.

Water Crisis Hoax



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