Drake, Fulford, Benz: News from somewhere going nowhere?

Over the past three days there have been a number of reports of mass arrests and financial transformation happening now, or soon, or right around the corner. AGAIN. Fulford and Drake both weigh in. Anelia Benz even issues a Call to Action, tells us the time has come. On the other hand, Steve Beckow has been at this business a lot longer than I have, and here’s what he says about what is or is not coming right up:

As far back as October 2008, we were told that society was now “within NESARA law.” We listened to discussions of the “packages” sitting on the tarmac or being in a Fedex van and ready for delivery. Every week was fresh news that NESARA would be declared. We listened to Chris Story with his screaming headlines, Tom Heneghan, Casper, Poof, the “King of Swords,” the “King of Egypt,” Mother Sekhmet, on and on.

I burned out on those discussions. Every week was more of the same. This week for sure it would happen. And it never did.

We seem to be doing the same again at this moment of time. The other day some worthy said that by 6:00 that evening something would happen – and it didn’t. We look daily for the mass arrests. We have good NESARA and bad NESARA, the revaluations, the mass arrests due in the next 2-3 days.

I personally do report a modicum of it all but I have to tell you that I’ve lost interest in following things blow-by-blow. Things will happen when they do. I have a modest reserve of cash and food on hand. I suggest you do so as well. But that’s it for me as far as worrying about the future goes.

A.K. again: I tend to agree. What I don’t want to do is spend another three hours listening to Drake drawl on about the new plan (for I read that it’s a brand new plan) when I could be outside in the garden, watering, tending, communing, attuning to our good Mother who knows and feels all our multidimensional selves waving in the world wind to and fro through our insertions into 3-D bodies — these little antennae of her vast being vibrating inside the endless cosmic ocean that holds her and nourishes her and on and on more and more, there is no end to the wonder and the awe if we just open. So OPEN! Okay? It’s time!

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