Don’t EVER order these “foods”!

If you’re like me, once or twice a year you find yourself in a situation where the ONLY nourishment available is “fast food.” Here’s a heads’ up on what to avoid:

14 Fast Food & Restaurant Employees Confess The One Item You Should Never Order


At McDonald’s it’s anything with the word “McCafe” in front of it . . .

MacDonalds, BTW, the world’s largest fast-food outfit — to my disgust, on a trip there in 1992 I noticed that I could see the ghastly Golden Arch while standing in front of Giza’s Great Pyramid — has just announced that last quarter profits fell 30%.

McDonalds says it vows fresh thinking. How about really fresh, as in fresh food?

Hey! How about going all the way? Break up this corporate behemoth. Transition every McDonalds franchise into a locally-owned, locally-sourced, locally run food stand that features fresh organic food grown on nearby roofs and patios and yards and abandoned lots to create oases in inner city “food deserts”?


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