Does "intensity of intention warp space/time"?

Here’s a great synchronicity story that may illustrate the title above. As a person who is “subject to” more-or-less synchronicities on a near-daily basis I do wonder, now, if it’s the “intensity of my intention” that reshapes the world around me in ways that reflect the best in people rather than the worst. Just this morning, for example, on our daily walk, puppy Shadow and I were “subject to” at least 50 smiles and nods and however brief soul contacts through the eyes — all from “total strangers” passing by and more than enough to put me “over the top” for the day. Such richness, such abundance of blessings! So grateful.





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2 Responses to Does "intensity of intention warp space/time"?

  1. bumpercrop says:

    Your creative energy, honesty and intelligence certainly has a positive effect on me, and subsequently all those with whom I interact…
    and for that, I give you a cosmic hug, a twinkle of the eyes, and positive electrical energy feedback!
    It is the efforts such as yours Anne, that is bringing on the transformation.
    Hope you plan on attending the next global consciousness gathering on the Middle East, next transmission occurring this coming Sunday, at 8PM across all time zones.

  2. lightignite says:

    Wonderful synchronicity has happened in my life as well. I am sure it happens in every ones life all the time and it takes an awareness and a knowing that they are not coincidence. It’s interesting…maybe it is coincidence. If we break coincidence into two parts, we have co (as in together) and incidence ( a happening, an experience). In the video, he talks about how they both shared in a manifested experience. It seems as though the definition for coincidence has become corrupted or maybe forgotten. Anyway, it’s all magic to me and I love it.

    I am the garden teacher for a no-till permiculture garden at the Montesorri school my children attend. I see a lot of 3-6 year olds come into the garden. When I point out all the plants in the garden that grew from seeds we didn’t intentionally plant, that we didn’t even know were in the garden (kale, petunias, many beautiful flowers, sorrel….), they tell me it’s magic. Synchronicity is like those seeds in the garden you don’t know are there until they grow. When it happens, its a wonder filled, heart felt surprise. It’s magic.

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