Dick Cheney: GHOUL

What is a ghoul?Screenshot 2014-12-15 18.29.54And the third meaning of which, after grave robber and feeder on corpses:

Screenshot 2014-12-15 18.30.13


Two posts give the flavor, one “serious,” one “satire.” But really, it’s hard to tell the difference, given this cartoon figure with the crooked mouth and somebody else’s heart.

Darth Vader Unmasked


Cheney Calls for International Ban on Torture Reports

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2 Responses to Dick Cheney: GHOUL

  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    Dick Cheney should be serving a life sentence as an orderly emptying bedpans in a VA hospital or cleaning latrines in a refugee camp in the Middle East

  2. rose day says:

    Bravo Bill Chisholm…spot on summation in less than 30 words!

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