Detroit Rising: “I hear the words ‘love’ and ‘Detroit’ together, a lot.”

In this time of Uranus/Pluto collapse of old structures, the soil of bellweather Detroit, now down to half its former population, is bursting with seeds.

For example, this: One look in young Veronika’s strong, steady, vibrant eye, and you know that she both knows, and can DO.

“No matter what you’ve gone through, you can still do a lot with what you have.”

Via Kauilapele

Here’s MSM Dateline’s larger perspective on Detroit Rising, not quite a year ago.

“Taking pieces of Detroit’s wreckage, and refashion them into something new . . .”

“Curbside economics: no task too small to galvanize industrious thinking.”

“We have to awaken the kids to a larger dream of this city.”

“Where I see a burned out building, Tim sees opportunity.”




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  1. I am reminded of Starhawk’s The Fifth Sacred Thing. Inhabitants of “the good reality” created a new way of living in a land of “the bad reality.” (my simplification). That’s always, it seems to me, to be the way of things. We just do as we’ve done for so long – continue to live, to learn, to carve out a real life for ourselves amidst the insanity and strange ways of the dominant culture. I am one person, and even so the waves ripple out from me, as do those of everyone. That’s a good thing. Any success in living whole-being intelligently is due to one breath following another if we’re lucky, embodying love and sharing it the best we can. It’s true that only by doing and being our best can we have all we need and want. By being our true selves. This, to some – especially in religious circles – is anti-Jesus, selfish, wrong. It is, instead, by sacrificing yourself, by denying your own feelings, desires, needs and serving others, that you are doing the right thing, some believe. However, they’ve got it – well, it’s not the way I think. It’s time to stop being martyrs. It’s time to get off the see-saw and decide to commit to your own integrity and to your dedication to our Earth Mother.
    To honor ourselves is not only okay, it is imperative. It’s the first step towards peace. Decide what your values are. Commit. – These brothers and sisters in Detroit are beautiful in their spirit of rebuild. Let’s all support them by changing our own lives. Time to stop hiding behind our excuses not to Jump on Board the Love Train! Remember to laugh, and to enjoy life along the way, don’t forget to thrill in the Magick and Mystery. Remember to dance. These things must be remembered.

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