David Wilcock: We are “in a time of stunningly resplendent change.”

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I’ve been unusually low energy this afternoon, but did make time to read all three sections of David Wilcock’s new post and find the whole thing very resonant with my own sense of “where we’re at” on this dear planet Earth.

Here’s what’s going on with me: on the one hand I spend a lot of time — maybe way too much time — trying to “figure out” what’s really going on, who’s who, what his or her or their motives are, whether or not so-and-so is a “bad” guy or a “good” guy or a stoodge or a clone or an ET, asking myself, over and over again, what’s real and what’s not — info or disinfo? — and on what level? Asking just what are the multiple and interpenetrating dynamics at play here in 3D and in every other dimension that I can even begin to glimpse! — and yet all this so-called intellectual complexity is, from the perspective of either my body or my larger self, merely monkey mind, chattering away.

In that larger, immensely fertile, infinitely expanding sphere of interbeing in which I participate with all of creation, I feel a continuous upwelling of gratitude and joy surging from deep inside, irrespective of what’s going on in my personal life this moment or that. And, just as powerfully, I sense Mother Nature speaking to us, singing through us, being with us, dancing as never before. So huge, and loud, and tumultuous! So glorious!

At least in my small corner of the world this stunningly marvelous party is fizzing merrily — perhaps because I — and others — have been cultivating our small corner as a sacred center of creation, for many years? If so, then guess what? I sense that the Earth being is glad, too! That she’s as grateful and excited as we are for this divine communion.

To be seen, felt, appreciated, loved. That is all any being asks, no matter what the size or dimension.

So I cannot help but feel that despite dire, even drastic, apparently even hopeless appearances, underneath we are moving along in a thrilling manner, waking up to our limitless capacity, exactly as designed.

Here’s the post:

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

Do read the entire thing. His wide-ranging analysis of current films and entertainers as predictive is indeed interesting; but I find the third section, especially his second “Reading,” actually wonderful. Love the power of the language of whoever it is that speaks through him in the reading. It does not sound like the usual personality of David Wilcock.

No advertorial to speak of this time. He’s managed to separate it out from the post. Grateful.

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